Arizona Stronghold White Mix (6)

Arizona Stronghold White Mix 6-Pack
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2011 Arizona Stronghold “Tazi” White Table Wine, Cochise County, Arizona
2012 Arizona Stronghold Mandala American White Wine

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Maynard Keenan (aka Tool’s frontman)'s wines on woot. Interesting. Never tried them myself but have heard good things from the two people I know who have.

He is no longer associated with the winery. Article link
AZ Stronghold wines have been on Woot many times before.

Thanks! The more you know. I didn’t realize he left.

Just over a year ago, bahwm and I had a chance to sample the Arizona Stronghold Magnus (Red), and found it to be very enjoyable. Unfortunately, they weren’t shipping to NY then, so we didn’t have a chance to stock up. Now that they’re shipping this offer to NY, I find myself wondering if this is of similar quality. If so, it’s a really nice buy at <$10 a bottle.

Maryland is listed but it won’t let me buy. I suspect it’s a mistake as I’ve never seen MD as an available state for this winery before.

Good price compared to a beverage depot. I typically see these go for $15 a bottle or so. The wine is so-so. I love Maynard, but he makes better music than wine…I am aware that Maynard no longer has an association with Stronghold, but his own vintage is not any better.

Yeah, that list was all off. It’s fixed now. Sorry.

An 11 hour kill shot.
Well done TT.
Kindly refrain from additional “fixes”.

The more things change, the more they stay the same :tongue:

My previous notes on the 2011 Tazi;
“Synthetic cork closure, pale gold color. Can definitely tell it’s a Sauv Blanc blend from the nose - grapefruit and lemongrass aromas. On the palate, the Sauv Blanc and Riesling intermingle in an interesting way. Sauv Blanc still leads the way but notes of pear and apple from the Riesling are evident along with a somewhat oily texture (not quite viscous). The Chenin Blanc adds some minerality and additional complexity.”