Arkon SF100 Wireless FM Transmitter - 2-Pack

Server seems to be spotty tonight. I had to go through google -> communities -> refresh the blog page to make sure I didnt’ miss a potential Bowl of Curry

Busy servers tonight, I see. At least the forums show the Woot, too, so I get to see what it is without checking the front page. :smiley:

…but I still have to go there for the wootcast if there is one. Hm.

Boy I thought the blue plate special was blackened oleo crepes for sure when I say the “Server is to busy.” Got all excited, until I saw the crappy twofer (came in through forums). Oh well, wtf woot? Did Toon trip on a cord and unplug the servers again?

Are these good for rigging up a hands-free cell phone thing in your car (presumably with a custom wire bought elsewhere or something)

Omg I thought it was ---- you know ----- but it’s not! All I get is the FM transmitter description, do we know what this is and the price yet?

7.99 for a pair folks

I have one like this and it has never worked right. The sound is either full of static, or it sounds like someone is shouting at me from under a wet blanket or something. Maybe it is just my individual unit, but I swore these things off long ago.

Nelson Muntz
-Ha ha

What happend tonight woot? Instead of being the first post…i’m like 20th! I dont like that.

Froogle Link

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Amazon Customer Review Link

Manufacturer Page…sorta

It’s $7.99 plus $5 shipping and handling

Woot was down for like the past 90 mins at least… could it be because it was on the frontpage of today? I dunno … come on Woot, tell us what happened

omg i was trying to get on from ten minute’s before 12 so i knew it’s there prob not our’s. was anyone able to get anything?

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Arkon SF100 Wireless FM Transmitter - 2-Pack
$7.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Arkon SF100 Wireless FM Transmitter

$8 for a pair of POS items, that take up A LOT MORE SPACE than a friggin tape adapter (it takes up nothing, since the tape is in, only the cord). It isn’t like you’re getting better quality sound here folks… rediculous. Woot, we’re broken up you big meanie. Peddle your wares elsewhere, burn boy.

Wow- the server was so darn busy, I thought it was something good. I have a $55 Monster FM Transmitter and it sounds no better than my $18 one I had bought previously.

Server’s probably having troubles because somebody posted a link on earlier - doing so tends to have the nice habbit of taking down sites :S

well, i got one, for all the times the fiance is trying to watch something while in the car, but the volume on the laptop isn’t loud enough. sure hope it works.

Erg this was a struggle with the server error :wink:

But Compare deal listed at

And PriceGrabber has a few other prices. Seems $13.99 (for one) the lowest at plus shipping.

Here is the link to the podcast, in case you haven’t found it yet.

Did someone forget to tell the woot servers the boycott was yesterday?
Just kidding.