Arlo by NETGEAR Security System w/ 4 HD Cameras

I use this, purchased last Xmas during a non-Woot sale. Works great.

Note, you will need to buy rechargeable batteries (not normal AA, AAA, C, or D), 4 per camera, plus one extra set to use to have a set to swap. Set of 20 batteries plus 2 charging units on Amazon is around $80.

The batteries it came with worked for a good amount of time. You can use non-rechargeable ones, but over time, the rechargeable ones paid for themselves.

How can you say this product hasn’t been reviewed yet, when there are pages of reviews on Amazon ??
8 Pages of “1” Star reviews to be exact !

Very surprised to read a set of three reviews for this refurb, up at Amazon. All of them are extremely negative. Really didn’t expect that.

I’ve been in the market for units to replace my Canary cameras (they’re expensive and sketchy), and Arlo has been on my radar. The best deal I’ve seen are 3 Arlo Pro cameras WITH 4 of their rechargeable battery bricks, 3 magnetic mounts and 1 security mount for a Black Friday deal at Costco of $399. More expensive? Yes. But they’re not refurbs, AND they’re the PRO models, which are the next generation units. With the Pro2 models being released, these 720 video models are sure to drop even more.

Best buy will have 4 Arlo Pro for $499.00.

Save yourself the pain of batteries and get a set of PoE cameras. For $500 you can get a 1TB DVR and 4 cameras with 1080p resolution (infrared too). Why pay this kind of money for the hassle and good chance of connection and battery life issues. I strongly recommend the Night Owl brand of surveillance systems. Avoid these.

bought an Arlo system a few months ago (not Woot). Over time, too many connectivity issues and poor performance of the cameras to detail here. The whole system is sitting in a box in the garage.

Costco will have a Black Friday special for $399.

I was looking at these for possibly the Ring floodlight cameras. The more I’m reading about these, the more I’m leaning toward Ring.

Save your money, I bought 12 cameras and 3 base station, other than being truly wireless, you spend more time frustrated than satisfied.

ARLO should learn to perfect their existing product before trying to attempt to develop more.

I have blink which is much cheaper then Arlo. I have had no issues with blink. Initial setup was less then five minutes. My camera never has an issue, it has sound (one way) which Arlo doesn’t have and it also has temperature which isn’t a dealbreaker but I do have a camera in my chicken coop so knowing the temp is an added bonus. My friend has Arlo and we compared the two and the footage is pretty much identical but his cameras cut out much more then my blinks do. Had he known he would have went with blink.

I have the non-refurb Arlos and they have worked well enough, basically they watch my back door and the room my dog stays in. After reading negative review after negative review, I wouldn’t trust a refurb set, I’d only go brand new again.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but in my case, I don’t want a wired system, hence the batteries.

Yes, but I only need three, and the Costco set of Arlo Pros comes with an extra battery, so you can have a spare or one on deck.

But, if you need 4, that’s a good deal.