Arlo Essential Spotlight Wire-Free Camera

Arlo Essential Spotlight Wire-Free Camera

These are incredibly easy to set up. They are also convenient to monitor household pets and even livestock.
Wireless cameras suck for security. There it to much delay to catch criminal activity. These take special rechargeable batteries that are pricey and not as efficient as claimed. These can also be stolen depending on the location they are mounted.
Bottom line is that these are an expensive mistake.
Black Friday sale for the Harbor Freight wired Cobra system is far superior.


The Arlo system is well regarded - for its category. Your comparison is interesting. Can you determine why the reaction time is better in the Cobra system?

Is it perhaps a sensitivity setting that is the problem?
Too sensitive and a bird flying past or cloud briefly blocking Sunlight might trigger.

I use an Arlo for my home system and overall I’ve thought it good. The first post brings up a good point that these could be easily stolen depending on where they’re mounted. I’ve been impressed with the battery on the Pro 3. Ive had it up since March and have charged it twice (second time was this weekend).

I’d say the worst part is to get the most out of the system you have to pay for their subscription service.

Wired systems run on a constant loop. Then when motion occurs it starts the recording just before when the motion occurred. Best comparison would be recording vehicles passing by. Check YouTube. If the cameras are 90° to the road then I doubt arlo will even get them in the picture. Wired Cobra system is about one second behind real time.

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The price is the same for a new unit in Amazon?

[MOD: Nope. We’re cheaper on both. ]

Your system is fast. I would ideally like if a system can record to your hardware and the latter backs into your own cloud off site. Which can be emptied each week if no incidents. Believe I have seen such advertised but unsure response times and durability.

The description states that you can hook these cameras directly to your wifi or an Arlo base unit. So I can operate this without a base unit using my computer and existing wifi?

ETA quote of description: " Camera set up options - Connect directly to Wi-Fi or pair with select Arlo SmartHubs or Base Stations (VMB5000, VMB4540, VMB4500, and VMB4000). "

My bad. It is $10 cheaper here for the one camera. Sorry for the wrong posting.

Yes, you can connect directly to your Wi-Fi router. You would use the Arlo app though, not your computer.

Here’s the support page that has all kinds of info. Documentation is near the bottom of the page.

Thanks for the link!

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