Arlo Pro 2 1080p Add-On Security Camera

Arlo Pro 2 1080p Add-On Security Camera

Terrible price. Microsoft sold these for $114 brand new and Cotsco has them on sale brand new also.

Microsoft sold out, but it shows how terrible of a price this is on a refurb.

Costco has Pro 2 3 camera model brand new:

Starting 8/7 and through 9/1 Costco will have the Arlo Pro 2 with 3 cameras and 3 Magnetic Camera Mounts and 3 Outdoor Security Mounts for $379 plus tax.

Even the posts on Slick Deals say it was sold out immediately. Might have been a one or two-unit close out.

Okay so you think people should pay $120 for a refurbished Arlo Pro 2 when they can go on Amazon and get it for $13 more brand new from Amazon? Noted.

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Sorry but Iā€™m not seeing a coupon savings logged in with Prime or not logged in.

20% coupon confirmed from my account.

No coupon here either confirmed by my mom.



Guess Amazon likes me more.

Have a link for that?