Arlo Pro 2 1080p Security Camera System

Arlo Pro 2 1080p Security Camera System

Can anyone tell me what you get for the extra $45?
Because math.

Extra $45 over what? There are 3 prices, depending on how many cameras you want. Each price is way more than $45 from the other.

Just a heads up about the Arlo Pro 2 system. You may want to check this thread out on the Arlo forums that I started almost 10 months ago. Their support is aweful and they seem to not care about a major issue with the CVR functionality. Now I’m not sure if everyone has this problem, but I’m don’t think it’s a risk worth taking when you need reliable security footage.

Avoid this product, lots of short comings, awful quality control and lots of headaches and disconnects from the router despite tons of bandwidth & being a few feet away.

Save your money and by blink xt instead…

The 5 cam is $639
The 4 cam is $474
Extra cam is $119

Shouldn’t be that difficult to figure out where i was going.

So yeah, what does the extra 45 get me?

I have a Pro 2 system for our house, it works well 85% of the time, so I thought maybe I’d pick up a third camera. Woot’s “deal” is a factory refurb for $119, but I can buy a brand new one on the mothership today for $120 with the 20% coupon. Where’s the savings?

What 20% coupon?

On Amzn there’s an instant coupon for “Save 20% on your Smart Home purchase”. Discount shows up when you checkout.

Well, I guess you get an extra rechargeable battery and an extra wall-mount? The single camera package does not mention the battery or the mount in what’s included wheras it is specifically called out in the 4 and 5 camera package.

Agreed on the 85%. We have 3 Pro 2 cams on the outside of our Airbnb. Had to get a faulty battery replaced under warranty, and a few weeks ago one camera stopped detecting motion. Support usually tells you to remove cameras from your system then re-add them which is not a sign of quality firmware. When they work, they do well. Batteries can last a month or more, but if there is lots of motion /streaming, they can drain faster. I finally bit the bullet and bought the Arlo solar panels, as 3rd party ones don’t always get recognized.

Guessing these are getting a price drop with the 4k cameras out now