Arlo Pro 3 2K HDR Wire-Free Security System

Arlo Pro 3 2K HDR Wire-Free Security System

What is the model number of the hub included with the multi camera kits?

I would rather let people steal stuff than pay for the batteries.

The rechargeable batteries? I haven’t replaced one yet. System is a few years old. I’ve purchased aftermarket ones to have extras. Very reasonably priced.

I have come close to ordering this system many time on Woot but the battery life seems to variable . How have others on this forum found battery life ?

Battery life is directly related to how often they are activated by motion, and the video quality settings. I have two in my back yard that I have not had to change the battery on since October/November as they see little action during the winter. The two on the front of my house that see action daily I just put recharged batteries in - last time was January. I have the quality set to “optimized”. Arlo does every once in a while push out a firmware that severely effects battery life, but that’s usually corrected rather quickly.

Hi! The Hub model is VMB4540

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The batteries are rechargeable, but if you don’t have extras to swap in and out it is a PITA to plug the charger in for about an hour and then unplug it again. ARLO does sell a solar charger, but the price is ridiculous. I have ARLO and I would not buy again. While it is ok, there are many drawbacks, like having to swap or charge batteries.

battery life depends on activity. The cameras in my side yard last about 3 times as long as the batteries on the camera in my driveway and doorway. The more annoying thing is that there are times the cameras react so slow to a trigger that whatever triggered the camera is gone before it starts recording.

Thank you!

If you go to Amazon and look for the Wassersrein solar panels for Arlo they are $40. I have 3 ( 2 for my Pro 2’s and 1 for my Essential Spotlight cam) and they all three keep my cameras fully charged and keeps me off of ladders