Arlo Pro 3 2K HDR Wire-Free Security System

Arlo Pro 3 2K HDR Wire-Free Security System

I’ve read that several people in cold climates have issues with Arlo batteries dying during cold snaps. I’ve hesitated to purchase the camera for that reason.

I live in CT, I have not had that issue. I like the Arlo cameras and have had them up for a few years.

I’ve had the Arlo and Blink cameras. The Arlo’s were far superior IMHO. The Blink camera take so long to pull up, by the time they’re up the person has gone. With the Arlo Pro’s I could have a conversation with service men, etc. that would be at the door. Only issue was when the power went out, it wouldn’t reconnect. That was an issue in Florida, where we lose power during stormy seasons. You had to manually unplug them. I had some success with a hack of using a WeMo. Hopefully they solved the issue since then.

In major city, MN, can confirm. I have the Arlo pro 2. Yes, at -4° these stop recording because it is too cold. It’s not that the batteries die, it’s how they’re built (once the cameras warm up they begin recording again). This was a major complaint I had because this is not obviously stated anywhere, so it’s good of you to ask.

I spend much of the winter hoping that if it’s too cold for the cameras, it’s too cold for anybody to be up to no good…

2-csmera version is $270 new on the mothership

I bought these last time. The live video is horrendous. It’s not direct within your home. The video travels to the Arlo servers, then back to your phone. Thousands of complaints about the live video having significant delay.

I bought these specifically for the live video. Super disappointed they don’t work well. But aside from the live video they are good for security monitoring when recorded. I’ve only used them indoors.