Arlo Pro/Pro 2 Home Security Starter Kit

Arlo Pro/Pro 2 Home Security Starter Kit

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My $1,500 dollar Arlo Pro security system has been down for 3 weeks since Arlo pushed a faulty update to many, many, many users. The Arlo system frequently is offline and very sluggish no matter the speed of your home wifi. Please PLEASE PLEASE do your research before you purchase ANYTHING from arlo. Bad Products, Bad Service, Bad Choice that’s Arlo Today!


Could not disagree with tianftld more. I bought a 3-Camera kit and added 2 more cameras. Setup took minutes. Picture quality is amazing. Notifications are quick. I haven’t had any update issues and mine has updated a few times now. Battery life is very good. Haven’t needed to call support because everything is so simple. Just follow the app instructions and it literally walks you thru how to set up your system and add cameras when needed. The Arlo 2 and Arlo Pro kits are awesome.

I too disagree with tinaftld. I have two Arlo 1 systems. One installed at my cabin in the Sierras (2 cameras) and one system at my main home (3 cameras). They have been very reliable with the cabin cameras surviving 3 heavy winters in the outdoors. My only recommendation is to move to rechargeable RCR123A batteries. You can buy an excellent set of 8 batteries and a charger for $53 on the mother ship. My experieince is that rechargeables last much longer than the standard batteries even in the dead of winter.


I just bought a Pro2 a week ago, Easy to setup and very pleased. Battery Life seems good, picture quality is Mug-Shot ready. It updated my firmware once connected, and zero issues thus far.

I stand by my review, do your research! Bad Products, Bad Service, Bad Choice, that’s Arlo today!