Arlo Pro Security System - Your Choice

Arlo Pro Security System - Your Choice

Will this camera system work with ring doorbell?

Is the Arlo Security System overpriced? I see them discounted on a lot of websites (including Woot). I have a Zmodo wireless camera system and I thought about upgrading to Arlo but is it worth paying 3X more for a wireless security system?

Please stay away from Arlo. They have incredibly bad customer service…which will be needed because their products are junk. We own 7 various Arlo cameras and half of them will not detect motion no matter what we do. They do not record 24/7 and only capture clips when motion is detected so the fact that they dont detect motion the majority of the time makes them worthless.

On Monday I spent 1 1/2 hours on hold total. The first 45 minutes was waiting for the initial customer service rep who had really shoddy troubleshooting like making sure the app on my phone was up to date (even though I said 3 times I only used the browser portal) and to take the battery in and out to reset (even though I said that this problem had been ongoing for 9 months and I’d already done about 5 hard resets to try and fix). Waited on hold for another 45 to get to “advanced technical assistance” and kept getting asked if they could just have someone call me in 15 minutes instead of staying on hold. I told the customer service person I had no faith that anyone would ever call me back, let alone that evening. She reassured me and here I am 4 days later with no callback.

Stay away from Arlo. If they were any less professional I would assume they were some sort of cash-grab scam.

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These look like the original Arlo pro. I’ve had these for a few years and been happy with them. I don’t require high levels of security so motion activated works well for me. Cats trigger them, possums don’t.

The best part is that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee with the original pro. Somewhere in the newer models they’ve eliminated that option for remote viewing. I bought my original set of three from Costco. Installed then inside, forgot about them for a year or so and finally got around to setting them up outside with solar panels for the last year. Just double check the model of the panel as the connector is different in newer models. Also double check that any mounting hardware you buy is for your specific model as some mounts interfere with the charging connector.

installing them in a window pointing outward may not work at night.

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Agree. Have Arlo Pro2s (outside) & Arlo Qs (inside) on two rural properties in two states. LOVE THEM! Nothing moves on either property without me knowing about it! Amazing pics of wildlife (:bear:, :deer:, :turkey:, etc). Initial purchase price is $$ but never pay a dime after.
Never had a problem with customer service.
FYI, Arlo Pro is 720p but less expensive. Arlo Pro2 & ArloQ are 1080p.

Woot, any idea when factory reconditioned Arlo Pro2s will be back? :bear: chewed up a couple of mine & compromised the weather proofing. Caught all the action with the awesome night vision though :grin:

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Oh wow. That’s kinda amazing.

We probably will sometime in November. Don’t have a date though.

Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out! Maybe if I send the video (:bear: approach, then eye, nose, open mouth, tongue, teeth, crunch, crunch) to Arlo, they’ll send me a new camera :wink:

Chewed all to hell but amazingly they still work! A testament to their durability.

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I mean, I’d love to see some video. I showed that pic to a couple people here and they were amazed.

I bet Arlo would get a kick out of it.