Arlo Pro - Wireless 3-Camera Security System

Arlo Pro - Wireless 3-Camera Security System

I have 4 Arlo Pro 3 cameras. They are ok for casual usage but regularly will go offline or take 30 or more seconds to display vide.

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I have some “Pro 2” (1080) cameras and I would say they are OK but not great. I don’t have problems with disconnecting, but as with previous comment, when you want to start video, it can take a long time, 15-20 sec, not sure about 30. But certainly not “instant”
Once activated, the image quality is pretty good in daylight or well-lit interior. Night image is much worse, but that seems to be normal for IR-lit cameras.

This deal is for the Pro 1 which is only 720 vertical resolution. I would go for at least the Pro 2 which can often be found on clearance, or at least was last year.

In any case it is better than blink, but that is a lot cheaper.

For this price I would not recommend; there are frequent deals on the newer models. If you also want lights, maybe try to find the one with integrated light. Do not bother with their separate add-on lights; it seems a complete kludge developed by a different team with different hub, only Bluetooth range which is limited, etc.

I really recommend doing a network-wired NVR (where Ethernet cable provides digital video and PoE, power over Ethernet, or purity of essence if you are a Dr Strangelove fan)