Arlo Ultra 4K UHD Wire-Free Security Camera Systems

Arlo Ultra 4K UHD Wire-Free Security Camera Systems

I have the 2K version and they work ok but expect periods of disconnects and slow response. Mine only react to motion type triggers so I don’t have full 24x7 video —- I only get the video when something triggers.

You’ll need a subscription once the initial one expires. Mine is good for up to 5 cameras.

Compare these against others that require an electrical outlet. I only use these in spots where electric is impossible for me.

I paired one of mine with an Arlo solar charger and the other I have to charge the battery ever two weeks or so.


I have previous wireless edition. Will these newer higher res cams work with other Arlo base stations??

I have the Arlo Pro 3 camera’s and they work good. If you buy them, you must also buy a solar charger for them as if you don’t you will be pulling the camera battery and charging it more often than you will want to. WIth the solar charger panels, they stay 100% charged. Another good thing about these camera’s is they get their signal from the Arlo smart hub. In my case two of my camera’s were too far away from the hub, so I bought another hub and ran an ethernet cable to my router and so now I can connect to either hub.
I bought this deal as I want them for another location. I recommend