Arlo Ultra 4K UHD Wire-Free Security System

Arlo Ultra 4K UHD Wire-Free Security System

I can’t recommend strongly enough that any interested Wooters stay FAR away from any of the Arlo family of products. Mine have been nothing but trouble, replaced twice and still continue to not function. Arlo’s parent company’s support is comically subpar and not worth the hassle, resulting in having to get the 3rd party extended warranty folks involved. And so as not to be accused of being a sample size of one, other anecdotes have ranged from as bad as my experience to mediocre at best.


I will also say that my current Arlo devices do not work. I am looking for a replacement right now. Their support is non existent.

I have a mix of 10 Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 cameras scattered around the perimeter of my property. Some are screwed to trees, others mounted in inconspicuous places monitoring doors and other areas of entry to my home. They have been functioning continually for nearly 2 years during the great Chicago Polar Vortex and humid summer days in both shaded and direct sun installations. The image and videos are crisp and the app gets continually updated. Now you can pull up a thumbnail from your notification screen quickly once motion has been detected. Also battery life has progressively gotten better during my ownership through continual firmware updates.

Best Wireless Cam setup i’ve ever had. I will add a few of these Ultra 4k cams once they drop in price a little more.

I bought a set of of 4 of these 3 weeks ago and they’ve been great. I previously had the blink cameras and while they were ok, these are definitely a step up. Only issue I’ve had was getting the year of premier service that was included with the cameras but that has since been taken care of. Overall, for wireless cameras, these are top notch.