Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo Video Doorbell

As of November of last year, the doorbell didn’t support local storage. I found nothing more recent.
I don’t want or need cloud storage.

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@autryld Are there any doorbells that support local storage? Last I looked (about a year ago), I couldn’t find a single one that wasn’t a cheap POS that did.

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All my other arlo cams get 2 weeks of free cloud. Does this arlo doorbell provide the same?

Hi there. This is from the vendor.

TL;DR: It can use local storage if you sync it with a hub (not included)

In short, it can be done. They would have to uninstall the doorbell and sync to the base station.

Video doorbell itself does not have local storage. Although the video doorbell appears in the same app it is connected to the home Wi-Fi and not the Arlo base station (Which has local storage). As the video doorbell is not synced to the base station it does not have local storage as an option.

That being said there is a workaround:
Arlo SmartHubs - VMB5000 and VMB4540 are now compatible with the Arlo Video Doorbell. Please ensure that your SmartHub firmware is updated to the latest version, as listed below.

• VMB5000
• VMB4540
• VMB4000
• VMB4500

To migrate your Arlo Video Doorbell from WiFi connection to your Arlo base-station or SmartHub, please remove it from your account, wait for the factory reset to complete (LED ring should be solid white) then re-onboard.

Can this be used as a stand alone camera without the subscription just to see who’s at the door via tablet or phone? I realize the “smart” features will be disabled without a subscription.

Different scenario… can this be added to a VMB3500 cloud based only hub for the 2 weeks of free cloud storage that JustinOKC mentions?

Yes, but you have to have the hub.

Only the aforementioned hubs if I don’t need local storage?

My base station is a vmb4000. Guess mine isn’t compatible