Armarkat Cat Furniture & Beds

I’ve been looking for 60"+ cat towers for weeks. The two in this sale are the cheapest, best looking cat towers I’ve seen in my search. I’m in for one!

Armarkat makes some of the best cat trees at the best price points there are. We’ve had the beige 62-inch classic cat tree for many years. It’s been disassembled for several moves and has always come back together just as sturdy as it’s ever been. The only thing we’ve ever had to do is reinforce the top “floor” with a 2x4 because our fat black cat was a little too much for it.

I think I might just be in for another - we could use another tree for the second floor.

edit: The classic beige tree is here
and the other one is here.

I own this cat tower. I bought it from an Amazon seller two years ago. None of my cats have ever tried to sleep in the hammock and only one of my cats fits the home on the second tier. The two larger cats are around 14 pounds and there is no way they would be able to sleep comfortably in there. Even the smaller 10 pound cat still has to sleep partially outside of it. The tower also wobbles a lot. Their favorite place to sleep is on the very top and as you can see it is only supported by one pole. The layer below it is supported on two poles on the same side. It has never broken or fallen over but just know that a 14 pound cat on top does make it noticeably tilt. When I need to buy another tower in the future I’ll make sure to forgo the ones that have these little extras since my cats don’t use them anyway.

I agree. The two Armarkat trees we had for son’s cat were awesome quality.

Well that’s disappointing, I was just about to pull the trigger on the beige one, but while my cats seem normal sized to me, it seems even a lot of regular cat beds are too small for them. I’m not going to buy something my cats won’t even be able to fit in. :frowning:

In love with all the smoosh faced cats here!!! Feeling the need to share a picture of my own (this is Nala, she really doesn’t like costumes). Can certainly use another cat tree for her; will be a wonderful birthday present.

Well, if we’re sharing costume pics, this was my son’s cat. I was always putting hats on him. (He’s no longer with us.)

I got an Armarkat tree on the mothersite (Amazon) several months ago. It was a great price like they are on here- about 60 dollars for a similar tree to the 53 inch one.

I thought it was a great deal and great product, but my cats play hard… the top tower that was attached to the box cave actually broke off at the base from one of them jumping on it. The other towers are still intact and the cats love them, but they are plastic and hollow so they make a bunch of noise when scratched.

If you have big cats (~15lbs) they’ll have a hard time sleeping on the platforms as they are pretty small. My cats spill over the edges when they lie on them. I recommend getting something a little more expensive (full wood) for the biguns.

I have the 62 inch ivory model cat tree, and a 12.5 pound cat. He loves it and likes to hang out on the two top platforms. The tree is heavy and sturdy, but it does wobble slightly when he jumps up on it, but it doesn’t bother him and doesn’t look like it’s in any danger of tipping. Until I got this, he only scratched on furniture, but he loves to scratch on it, much to the delight of the couch (okay, much to my delight). The only “complaint” I have about it is how much the ridiculous amount of cat hair shows on it (my cat is a very talented shedder with a dark coat).

We just bought the classic tower for our seven cats. They have another 62" cat tower that is getting a bit trashed. We are going to put them side by side for more play area. We also converted an entire wall in our office to a “cat fortress” with various shelves and platforms for them to jump all over. They are pretty spoiled cats.

Sorry for your loss. What a wonderful photo, the look on his face says it all!

I’m such a dork. I’ll be snickering all day…’ CAT dressed as a MOUSE, heh heh’

Seconding (thirding?) the statement that the cat trees have platforms that are small. My 13 pound boy barely fits on the sleeping platforms, and if we put a pillow in there he wouldn’t fit at all. Speaking of which, the faux fur is thin, and there’s not a lot of comfiness to it. Older, arthritic cats won’t find it soft enough, but it’s fine for young things. And I really like how the sisal posts are reversible, so that if the top gets all scratched out, you can just then them upside down for a second use.

Has anyone who ordered a cat tower in this event seen it ship yet?

I was wondering the same thing. I had some knives in the same order which arrived quickly, but haven’t heard anything about the cat tower. Wasn’t sure if this is something that would be drop-shipped from Armarkat or not…

You’re correct that the Armarkat items are dropshipped from the vendor. They may have waited for the sale to complete. I can see that info was sent to FedEx yesterday to create the labels. We should see shipping pretty soon if not later today.

I ordered the medium sized beige unit, it arrived promptly and well packed. I had some unexpected life events, so just got it unboxed and put together this morning. The assembly went well until the very last bolt, which was too short to engage the threads. No prob, I swapped the short bolt for one of the long bolts in the middle tier, it seemed to be ok. I’ll keep an eye on it.

The cat did help a little during the unboxing and assembly, but then spent 5 minutes on my lap thanking me before playing with it, and she just loves it. She is a tree dweller now.

Add link to unit at mftr site

Great woot!

@vertabrae: YAY! How about a pic of the happy tree-dwelling cat?