Armarkat Cat Trees 2-Styles

Does anyone have either of these trees?

They do get good reviews on the manufacturer’s website:

Comments from a previous similar sale

We’ve had the big one for about 4 years and our 3 cats love it. It’s pretty solid and has worn well. We did re-rope some spots they’d scratched through.

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Does anyone have either of these trees?

I bought one the last time woot offered them. My cat loves it! It is easy to assemble. Very sturdy. I vacuum it once a week. Thumper wouldn’t go any where near it for the first couple of days, so I laced it with her treats, just on the edges of each level so she could see them. That did the trick! Now she is on it all day- sleeping, playing. She gets all wild eyed when racing around and up it. Cracks me up!

I’d be in for one if they didn’t have that faux fur/faux fleece covering–my cats hate that stuff & demand carpet covering only…which is harder to come by more & more.

Yes, Bought the one on the left. for my mom’s 16lb cat. He loves it. Box/house is big enough for him to fit comfortably. It’s very sturdy, not wobbly at all.
One issue was the bolts used to attach post require an Allen wrench (provided) to assemble. The holes in each bolt are prone to rounding off with tightening. I hand tightened as much as possible, then turned the post itself to aid in tightening (where possible). If you go gently with the wrench it is less of an issue.

I’ve had the taller one for several years, now. My two cats took to it before I was even finished putting it up, and they still love it.

Just be prepared to pony-up for replacement toys. I’ve tried all kinds of substitutes, but nothing seems to capture their interest like these: Replacement Toys

Drats bought one on Amazon yesterday. My neighbor does seems to be well built.

I have the smaller B5701 that I got on Woot the last time they had these. I would have bought the bigger one if they had it. My cat loves it. He was all over it when I was putting it together but then ignored it for awhile. I put some catnip on the upper levels and now he uses it every day. It’s in front of a window so he can sit on the perches and look out. I secured it to the wall, it could tip over being so tall.

Does he work out or is it just a good diet?


I have also had the larger one for several years. I have 4 cats that all use it regularly. My cats tend not to use the enclosed houses (I believe due to the number of cats, they fear being trapped as there are some rough players), but they absolutely love sleeping on the platforms. This is next to my treadmill, and they love being taller than me.

Thinking of getting the bigger one and I’m wondering where I’ll be putting it. Is it a pain to move around? Would it have to be partially taken apart to do so?

It’s awkward, but I can shove the tree around pretty easily, even when moving it from one room to another. You want some weight to help keep it from tipping

Last time Woot! offered these I purchased one for my three cats. I was amazed at how much larger it was than the one’s at my local pet store (for a way better price). Only problem I had was one corner of one platform was broken about three inches back during shipping. But when I assembled it I realized that they really couldn’t step on the broken area anyways due to the overlapping of the platforms. So I kept it. We’ve had it about 6 months or so. Two cats adore it and sleep and play on it every day. The third cat is just being a typical cat, sassy.

I don’t regret the purchase at all. In fact I would highly recommend. I’m just a little nervous about damage during shipping now.

I’ve had the big one for three years. My two cats LOVE it. My male cat is 18 lbs and he likes to shove himself in the cubbies. My female cat is 10 lbs and she spends half the day on the perches.
It’s held up nicely with only a few areas of wear and tear mostly on the scratching posts and a few corners. They adored the hanging mice, but those barely lasted a month.
If you’ve been looking for a cat tree but don’t have money to burn, I recommend getting this NOW. I did extensive research be for picking this up on Amazon and I have no regrets.

I shoved it between rooms on my own. I agree, it’s mostly awkward due to the size and shape. If you need to move it between flights that would be super complicated. It’s bottom heavy and only fits through narrow spaces in one direction.

Just purchased the A7401. We have 6 indoor cats and cat trees are a necessity. This particular brand isn’t as sturdy as ones with the posts that are twice as big in diameter, but for under 100 bucks the price is right. I got a similar one 2 years ago and have replaced 4 posts on it that the cats had completely worn down. You can contact them directly for replacement posts and other parts. Considering my cats climb and sleep on my trees every single day, trees are definitely something cats NEED.

EDIT: for those price-checking the A7401, this exact tree is $125 at and $140 at Amazon! Don’t pass it up at this price!

One similar to the smaller one is available through Groupon for the next 8 days at $39.99.