Armarkat Cat Trees & Pet Beds

We bought the 77" Cat Tree here about 6 months ago for the same price and our cats took to it instantly and absolutely love sitting on it all day long. The sisal rope columns take much more abuse than carpet and there are (10) of them! We have it tucked in a corner and there is no wobble, even when they are cat fighting along the top portions.

Same here. The 77" model has been a BIG hit in our two cat house. Good quality, plenty sturdy.

How does this come? As in do you have to build it or is it shipped assembled?

I can’t speak to this specific brand (or it may be the same as it looks exactly like the 77" cat tree), but I got one from the mothership a year or two ago and it came in a big flat box that did require assembly. It was pretty easy to do, just peg like screws and a few alan wrench screws.

My four young cats have had a 78" Armarkat tree for about 6 months. The cats are pretty boisterous and weigh 10-12 pounds each.

Thoughts, in no particular order:

  • The cats absolutely love it. The high platforms are a popular location for daytime snoozes, and the long sisal-covered columns are great for climbing and expressions of general kitten-rage.
  • With its pale color scheme, it’s not hideous. It just blends into the scenery.
  • It also doesn’t seem to collect a lot of hair or dirt.
  • The covering is fleece, not carpet, and there’s no padding. It hasn’t shown any wear so far, and the cats don’t seem to mind the lack of padding.
  • The posts are hollow tubes with plastic inserts in the end. Some people are disappointed by that, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue. Our tree’s topmost post has supported up to 30 pounds of drowsy catmeat with no ill effect.
  • Each freestanding platform on top of a post is center-anchored by a single bolt. Regular use will dislodge the platforms. The bolts will need to be tightened occasionally, and/or you shouldn’t expect the tree to look exactly as pictured.
  • Assembly was simple. I think it took about half an hour, maybe less.

I have the 57" cat tree and my cats absolutely love it. LOVE IT. They were up there within a few minutes of the (very easy) assembly.

It is very sturdy and looks nice (well, as nice as a cat tree can look) to boot.

The fleece on the platforms has developed some sort of permanent hair layer that I can seem to vacuum off, but that may be my fault for leaving it unvacuumed for too long during finals.

I bought one of these off eBay, same brand. Overall very good product. You build it yourself but it’s not difficult. I got one with a hammock which was a waste because my cats hated it but everything else on the cat tree they loved. I would buy another one if I had a more permanent home.

I’ve had the 53" for 4 years now, give or take. One the the bottom sisal poles is in need of new rope, but otherwise, it’s held up extremely well to the abuses of 3 decent sized female cats. Wear and tear wise, it’s in need of a good shampooing and has a couple small bald patches. That’s it. The top platform is still the coveted napping spot for 2 of my cats after all this time.

A word of caution: if it has a dangling elastic string toy, cut it off. Cats can easily get that wrapped around their neck while playing, then panic, and accidentally strangle themselves. It happens fast too! My youngest cat was playing with a fishing pole toy on the floor, and I looked away for less than 15 seconds. When I looked back at her, she was flopping around the floor with the cord wrapped too tight around her neck to get off herself. Yikes!

Add another vote for this cat tree. My cat absolutely loves it. Whether she’s sleeping on one of the upper platforms, playing with the toys, sharpening her claws or repeatedly climbing the tall post on the left side, she spends a good part of her day on it. Before I knew there was a Woot I paid $144 for mine and still feel it was worth it. So if you can get yours for 99 bucks, grab it!

You have to build it. It’s not hard but some of the pieces are heavy-ish. I put together one of the bigger ones by myself.

The sisal is great- takes more abuse than carpet and takes longer to look ratty as long as it is properly anchored. These are very well built. I’ve had mine for over a year and it looks fairly new, even though it is used for scratching every day.

I bought the 68" from Woot last year. It’s a great cat tree. The kittens used the box portion a little when they were young, but now, at one and a half years old, they only use the top two perches. They do, however, love that I have two of these next to each other so they can just from one to the next.

The sisal has held up perfectly and the fleece (which I wish it was more like berber carpet) has help up just as well. It’s very stable. I can see the perches coming a bit loose with repeated use by a heavier cat, but the kittens so far haven’t loosened them. A great buy.

I bought the 53 for someone. Works great and wasn’t hard to put together. Just heavy enough to prevent it from falling over (though because a heavy cat uses it we did tie it anyway)