Armarkat Cat Trees - Your Choice, 2 Styles

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Armarkat Cat Trees - Your Choice, 2 Styles
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Time to check out the product page for the 68" and 77"

Who says cats don’t grow (up) on trees?

I bought a 78" one back in January and my cat loves it. She especially loves that my 4 year old can’t reach her on the upper levels. The carpeting isn’t as plush at pet store models, but my cat really doesn’t seem to care. For the price, I’d take this one over those any day.

The box was really heavy, assembly was easy. It should be just as easy to take apart again when it’s time to move.

How big are the platforms? I find that with a lot of cat trees the photographers use small cats to make the trees appear larger. I have giant cats and they need larger platforms.

Edit: Never mind, I see the dimensions now. Time to get out the tape measure.

I have a large cat and he fits perfectly curled up on the upper platforms, he’ll roll off occasionally to my amusement.

I have two like this, one of which is 2x’s bigger. My cats like them a lot but they have no claws. If your cat is accustomed to hanging on with claws they will get frustrated with these. The fabric offers no hold power. It is very thin with no padding for their claws to grip into. My cats went from scrawny feral kittens to huge heathy monsters and still enjoy it even though it is a bit small. It is a daily perch for window watching or from cuddling together to chasing each other over and around it. Even my monkey can’t get a grip on the fabric though. It is very slippery.

My cat is currently using another version of these condos, and she LOVES it. It is her favorite perch (besides the arm of my computer chair, apparently), and I’ve been looking to buying another one for when we move. She’s a rough player, and after three years, she’s managed to shake the top pedestals enough to make the plastic core of the pillar (yes, the cores are plastic for weight reduction) weak. She’s a really rough zoomer, and likes to leap up on it and grab the pedestal before flinging herself off of it, so beware of that and the smaller footprint if you have rough playing cats. Good news is that, though she does this, the thing has never threatened to fall over. A little wobble here and there and it’s great.

If I weren’t unsure about when we’re going to move, I’d be buying one of these right this moment (as I plan to purchase one anyway when I move, and throw the old one out instead of take it apart for a second move).

Despite not having a lot of padding, the pedestals DO come with small pads for placing inside of the ledges.
I can’t speak for all cats, but mine likes to try and eat the fluff off of it. If your cat has an affinity for chewing/suckling wool, this is probably not the tree for you - however, my cat’s claws can get better purchase on this type of material than the faux fur that is a big fad right now. She’s tailless so doesn’t have great balance, and that might have something to do with her uneasiness on other cover fabric.

Great deal on a great cat tree, and an especially good deal on shipping one of these heavy as heck trees.

Have had the exact brand and same 77" model for probably 3 years now. I think I paid about $75 more for mine at the time, and would easily pay that same price again if I had to.

The columns are made of really thick cardboard, and there are no pads included- but my cats love it and it has held up well to daily use- and this includes a couple of them hitting it at full speed and bounding all the way up to the top level during playtime (at least once or twice a day).

The only thing I would suggest is either keep the wrench handy to be able to retighten the platforms (they loosen and start to spin from my cats running up them) or perhaps hit it with loctite when you first assemble it to see if it helps keep things where they are supposed to be.

Had the Amarkat 7401, very similar to the larger of these for almost two years. It’s held up very well despite regular use by a 15 pound fat cat.

Be very sure when putting everything together that you torque it down firmly. A little Loctite can’t hurt, or bribing that cute guy next door give you a hand with your pussy’s fuzzy seat.

Failing to torque it all the way down may lead to the single-column perches leaning precariously to one side as I found out with another cat tree.

For reference, the 7701 (larger) is currently $135 on Amazon, the 6801 is $100. Nice deal this time.

I have 4 grown cats and they fit great on the platforms. This product is awesome. We have two of the larger trees.

I got a different model from this company in an earlier woot, my 3 average size cats love it. I got an L bracket to fasten it to the wall, as one of my cats racing at it and climbing to the top at full speed was enough to tip it into a nearby couch a few times. 5 stars, would buy again, etc

We’ve had an Armarkat for several years now. It’s survived complete disassembly and reassembly more than once and has held up perfectly. The only thing we’ve had to do to bolster it was to add a 2x4 under the top platform (on our model, held up by just one pole) because our enormo 18-pound cat was causing the top to list to one side. That’s the fault of our fat cat, not the tree.

These things are solid gold and some of the best-reviewed trees on the market for a reason.


We had an Armarkat tree before we moved. Yes, it’s not as padded as I would’ve liked, but the cats liked it.

Ultimately, the price doesn’t matter. The cats either like it, or they don’t. Mine liked it.

I have a “custom” cat tree, i.e. I made it with scrap wood and carpet, plus some sisal rope wrapped around all the 2x4s. I might get one of these, just for appearances. The cat’s don’t care how ratty the old one looks, but human guests might.


I bought 2 68" version for my 2 grandcats at the beginning of the year at an other site. They are the best I have seen for the money. Both cats absolutely love them and use them a large part of the day. It is their place. They especially like it in front of the window. I am not a sales person, but I like reading reviews from people who have actually had experience with products and this is one I can talk about. If you are thinking about it it is a great product, easy to put together and looks pretty good as a piece of furniture. And they are tall enough to satisfy an indoor cats climbing needs.

I was about to post the same thing!
I got one for my cat and two other cats in the family.
They all love it!

Not as plush as some I’ve seen, but the cat really doesn’t care.

They love being up high.

They love the scratching posts.

How hard is this to put together, really? I HATE putting stuff together. How many segments, how much hardware, in either or both of these? What tools are needed? Sadly, I am past the stage where for a meal the cute guy next door would offer. (I’m past the stage where there’s a cute guy next door, even.) Remember that “easy” is a relative term; I find it somewhat like “you can’t miss it” when given directions. Invariably, I CAN miss it. Please, please–an honest answer?