Armarkat Cat Trees- Your Choice!!!!!!

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Armarkat Cat Trees- Your Choice!!!
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9/15/2014 - $79.99 - 99.99 - Click To See Discussion (34 comments)

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Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

These are great! Bought two of them from a previous sale, one for my Mom’s cat, and one for my three cats, they sleep on it and play on it daily. They even scratch it instead of the couch!! Can’t beat the price. Love this product.

I have a cat tree by this same maker and it is an excellent product. It’s very sturdy and my cats, who had never so much as seen a cat tree, let alone climb one, took to it immediately, climbing up to the very top and looking down on us peons. I’ve priced these and this is a great deal. I highly recommend it! If you have 2 cats you might want to opt for the one with 2 “houses.” Ours only has one and my cats argue over who gets to be in the clubhouse.

We have this one and bought this one: recently.

They seem the same thing but the Go Pet Club one is cheaper than this now and we got it at $60 on sale. Could have gotten two of those for what they want for this one.

I’m pretty sure they are just made by the same manufacturer and sold under different names.

Ugh… Woot knows my weakness… but I already have six cat trees. I couldn’t possibly… has to keep her hand from clicking to buy.

I have one of these. Took about 3 weeks for the cats to understand it. Now they love it. Greatly made also.

At least when your cat gets caught in this tree, the firemen won’t have to bring too high a ladder to get her down.

I noticed that none of the other products have exclamation marks, this must be a really exciting product for Woot! to sell!!!

These are great at a good price. We bought one from woot! about a year ago for a new kitten. He used it very regularly, and slept at the top at night, but now he’s huge (apparently a Maine Coon) and does not go on it as often as he did. But we now also have a small rescue kitten who uses it all the time for play and sleep. And when they both chase each other, the cat tree figures into the battle regularly. It was a very good buy for us and I would note hesitate to buy another.

We got the smaller of these two the last time they were on sale, and our cats LOVE them. They are well made and the kitties love scratching on the sisal-wrapped posts.

Remember…these are fleece,covered not carpet. My cats love them but they are slippery. There is not enough depth to the covering to actually climb them anymore. They have to be jumped over to or on to. I really miss the carpet and would pay more to get it. Even tho they like them they do not use them as much as they could and did the carpeted ones. The fleece is very thin

I bought one of these a while back and it’s a good product. The problem was my cats were trained not to get on stuff (except chairs and the sofa) that they wouldn’t use it. It was only until a new cat came and showed them what it was for. Now one sleeps on the top shelf all day.

What’s this trained cat thing you speak of?

You know…the ‘trained’ cat has us buy perches/toys/food/etc. for their amusement and well-being…and grants us some ‘love me’ time when they want it. Great training!

We’ve had one of this brand’s cat trees for over 5 years. All 3 of our cats love them, though they spend most of their time in the hammock that neither of these come with.
We got ours from eBay for a comparable price (more expensive, but bigger) and it has held up wonderfully.

I prefer the fleece to carpet because it doesn’t result in cheap carpet fuzz balls like I’ve seen on other cat trees, and it’s easier to vacuum out the litter and fur that inevitably gets tracked up there.

One of the scratching posts is a little worse for wear, but the manufacturer website has all the parts available for purchase (including the beloved circular hammock), so these are somewhat modular.

The price is great compared to ones you would find in a pet store, and it was easy/quick to put together. Even with your cats’ “help”. Highly recommend it!

I agree! I have one of each of these. My cats love them. Bought one for my Mom as well. Good product, good price