Armarkat Cat Trees - Your Choice

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Armarkat Cat Trees - Your Choice
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We have an Armarkat tree for our two cats and one of them, Maggie, loves it (the other cat is scared of everything and prefers the closet so she cannot be counted on for an unbiased opinion). The model we have is very tall and narrow and I was worried about stability but it is very stable, even when Maggie takes a flying leap from the top onto my belly at 3 am to let me know that her food bowl is half full and must be filled immediately. It was easy to put together and looks and functions great after 2 years. I would recommend considering the color of your cat when choosing a tree. Maggie’s fur is all over it, but since she and the tree are both very light colored it doesn’t show and I just clean it off occasionally.

Thanks so much for this report!

Our cats would play with it for a few minutes, then move on to the box it was delivered it. The box would win.

I bought the middle sized one (that is sold out) a year or so ago and our cats love it. We have 3 cats and they take turns sleeping in the “house” in the middle. I put it next to a high window, so that makes it even more attractive to them.

One of our cats is a largish 14 lb. kitten and it is just fine for his craziness.

I was really surprised at its sturdiness and stability. If the middle one (57") was available, I’d order another one today.

We got the 57" last time these were offered. Our 2 cats love it. It’s sturdy, has great scratching posts, and one perch for each. We couldn’t be happier with it, and anything comparable at Petco costs at least twice as much.

I got one of these back in January. We were just beginning a temporary stay in an apartment with a pair of previously indoor/outdoor cats so the timing was perfect. The one I got was closest to the 57" model with a slightly different arrangement. The cats loved it for scratching and lounging. They especially loved hitting it at a run from across the living room and climbing straight to the top of the long post at top speed. Keeping up with their tree climbing safety drills. We left that apartment a couple days ago with all of the furniture (which I also slipcovered) in great shape. I am in all ways satisfied with this product.
One thing you might want to note is the covering is “faux fleece” not carpet. Most of the scratching was on the sisal posts and the covering stood up just fine but, as I said, it was for 6 months.

In our house its the “6 Stages of Cat Tree Ownership”:
Cats thoroughly inspect box before I can even open it.
Cats thoroughly inspect all parts before I can assemble them.
Cats climb into box while I’m assembling tower.
Cats climb on partially assembled tower.
Cats climb all over assembled tower.
Cats LOVE assembled tower.

We have bought 6 Amarkat towers from Woot, in various sizes, mostly in the 6 foot range. All 9 (yes, NINE) of our cats love them. At any time (except dinner time of course) there’s at least 1 cat in each tower. They love the sisal scratchers, too.

Some of these towers are 3 years old and are holding up very well. The covering material and rope are good quality and are showing few signs of wear.

Several of our cats are in the 13+ pound range and jump on and climb these like little maniacs. We were concerned at first that one of them might topple a tower, but the towers are very stable and barely move when one of our “heavyweights” takes a flying leap and lands halfway up it.

The towers are easy to assemble and come with a hex wrench (the only tool required). Can’t say enough good things about Armarkat cat towers!