Armida 4-Pack Armada



Two reds and two whites. How diversity-centric.

Take a look at Armida Winery for more info. The wines are described in the wine shop. Surf Zin looks like fun!


(and does mill sit at the computer, credit card in hand, waiting for the clock to turn?)


From the folks who brought us Poizin!

But are they serious about the drinking windows in the descriptions?


Mill has become ole’ reliable.


i wouldn’t take them too seriously (the wines yes…)


Armida 4-Pack Armada
$59.99+ $5 shipping

Available (what’s this?)
Red & White
1 Armida 2005 Russian River Chardonnay
1 Armida 2005 Sauvignon Blanc, Russian River Valley
1 Armida 2005 Sonoma Co. Pinot Noir
1 Armida 2005 Surf Zin
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Is the Surf Zin a larger bottle? Or is that just the angle of the photo?


what i love is when i screw up and not get the original wellington offering and see, based on the top notch wooter reviews, that i should have gotten it and beat myself up for it. then wd goes out and gets them back for round 2 giving me a chance to amend my ways.

once upon a time i made a similar mistake with the poizin.

not this time folks.


no POIZIN ??? oh come on now


all 750’s.


Tempted… I’m kind of holding out for another all Red offering or perhaps a stainless steel aged White.


Maybe I’m missing something through inexperience, but why does the product description for the Surf Zin describe it as a “maverick white”? It looks awfully red to me.


It is red.Woot is located in Texas.The 4-pack is consumed by the writers before
the ad is written.


i really hope no one keeps the whites even 1/6th of the time they say haha.


This looks like a great pack! A little something for everyone. How about average wine.wooter cellaring times of 3 months max? They should make it that far out, right? After the reviews on POIZIN, i bet they go that fast!


Sounds like a great deal…if I am not mistaken the winery sells these wines for $87 total plus whatever shipping they charge. So tempting…I just visited a local winery here in Fort Worth and bought wine, so the tiny wine fridge is full, arg, decisions, decisions…


I just have to tell all of you here at wine.woot that I surprised myself ( and unsuspecting others) at a recent wine tasting with all knowledge I have gained from this forum. I was sipping and analyzing and dazzling my artsy friends. My palate is newly receptive to the the subtle differences in varietals. … I think I can tell a really GOOD wine from a BAD one, which is a definite plus. … I skipped over all of the fruity whites and dessert wines and focused on the cabs, shirazes and pinots. However, I had a Sauvignon Blanc that was fabulous! Perfect oak and a hint of grapefruit with a pleasing peppery finish. I’ll skip the winery details as this is the discussion for the Armida 4-Pack, and I don’t want to be rude.

It’s a good thing I live in Ohio (beer country), else I might become a wine lush. hehe.


Ahh, another Ohioan. Good to see some of us are from OH. You’re the 5th that I know of now.

I am also kicking myself for not getting that last Wellington offer. Their wine’s are exceptional. I had a chance to try some of the Cab from the previous offering which I missed and it’s a wonderful juice! Maybe we could do a Wellington offer once a month : )


Last wooter to woot: jxfike

In for 3… yay


In for one.

Finally some (tediously long) love for NJ.