Armida “Two Vintage” Barbera - 3 Pack

Armida “Two Vintage” Barbera - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 Armida “Two Vintage” Barbera Snows Lake Vineyard-Red Hills Lake County
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What are the two vintages? (The Vintner Voicemail didn’t say.)

I have the same question as well. He said that it has been sitting in barrel for 36+ months…???

How dark are the bottles?

drinking window is “drink now” according to the winemaker! whoo!! or through 2020 according to the description

There are some really great wines coming out of Lake County, I’m glad to see WD sponsoring one of them.

I’m a little perplexed on this one though. Their website claims it’s from the red soil volcanic “Mayacamas Mountains” in Lake County, which as far as I can tell must mean Cobb Mountain? Interestingly nobody in Lake County calls any of the mountains there the Mayacamas Mountains, so I only surmise this is a marketing term loosely based on the Napa Mayacamas Vineyards of 1976 “Judgment of Paris” fame.

I’m interested to hear more about this wine from the winery.

As I recall one of my first woots was the la famiglia Barbera, the fruit was sourced from Snows Lake and it was some really good wine.

The Armida winemakers have already wooted a Barbera, from their La Famiglia vineyard in Snows Lake. Armida is particularly well-known on woot for their Poizin, so we have a good idea of their winemaking philosophy and style (big, bold, spicy, alcohol) even though that’s another wine. Previous woots:

La Famiglia Barbera 14 Mar 2010
26 Jan 2011
14 Oct 2010 Wootoff
25 Feb 2010 Wootoff
18 Oct 2009
17 Jun 2007 (mixed varietals)
16 Oct 2006

Armida on Yelp
Armida on Facebook

For the previous vintage of this Barbera, a comment on CT says “Wow, this is a big, bold, huge wine with tons of dark fruit on the nose and palate. Nice long finish. A bit hot (high alcohol) or I would have scored it even higher.”

We visited Armida on the 2008 RPM Magical History Tour. They made a large number of red wines - I think I must have tasted 15+ reds. I think it’s fair to say Armida has a point of view on red wine, and that all of their wines are made in a consistent style - though, of course, they differ based on the grapes and terroir. If you are a fan of the style you will probably like all of their wines, if not, you probably won’t like any of them.

I, too, would be curious about the vintages, but I’d be almost certain one of them is 2008. But, if it’s all had 36 months in barrel, then that won’t work, and it would have to be 2007 and something older? I’d almost guess its a combination of 2006 and 2008, but it could also be 2007.

No Armida woot can be complete without a picture of the winemaker, a fetching young woman with remarkable ink. Someone will surely post it soon…

LOL I didn’t see that, but there’s a more straightforward pic on the website. She’s also in the Winery Welcome Video. And a decent blog profile

Did WD give up on Black Tie buys?

I too loved the first Barbera so I have to try this one-it was a really unique wine hard to compare but throughly enjoyable all by itself.

I’m sure everyone on that tour will recall that, after tasting a couple of dozen wines at Pedroncelli and Dry Creek, then more wine-tasting and lunch (with wine) at Seghesio, many of our palates were not in the best shape to evaluate Armida fairly. Accordingly, when we were in the area last October, bahwm and I, along with mewalk and tenuki, paid them a visit with fresher palates, and the idea that we could get a better sense of what they had to offer. We found it to be a very enjoyable experience, and their wines presented much better than they had on the first visit.
As richardhod points out, “their winemaking philosophy and style (big, bold, spicy, alcohol)” is certainly exhibited pretty much throughout their portfolio, and there are times, such as the filet mignon with bleu cheese and crabmeat we enjoyed at a local restaurant participating in the local “Dining out for Life” benefit, when that’s just what we need.
I thought they had told us last October that Jessica was no longer the winemaker at Armida, but their website shows otherwise. Too many months, too many bottles of wine, together with advancing age, may have clouded my memory.

I’ll second that as a fair assessment. I was just in their tasting room last week. I no pro, but I would say all of the wines were well made and well balance just to dry for my tastes.

How does this Barbera compare with Scott Harvey’s? The reason I ask, while I enjoy most of the Scott Harvey wine, I did not enjoy the Barbera. It was the 2006 Barbera. I had gotten three bottles and opened one in 2009 and one in 2010 and it just was not for me. And I have not had any other Barbera. Maybe I just don’t like the grape (except as a smaller percentage mixed with another varietal)?

That’s certainly an arm I’da remembered, had I been there…

Please excuse the slightly off-topic post. But can anyone tell me if the pressed-paper-cardboardy cradle thingies that woot wine is shipped in is (generally) recyclable? Or at least tell me what they are actually called so I can find out?

I live in Colorado, if that is at all relevant.

\\ Yes I dump them in my recycle all the time and they take them.I live in Arvada.