Armida Winery POIZIN - 3 Pack

Armida Winery POIZIN - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition:** To Die For**
3 2008 POIZIN Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley

YAY and CRAP all at the same time. Want to be in, but October has been rough so far!

For what it’s worth, I’ve found all vintages I’ve had of the to be best 1-2 years after wooting.

May have to suck-it-up and go in to extend my vertical (and then actually do the vertical tasting).


Finally, a wine you can keep under the sink.

Is this the wine that comes in a coffin case?

I agree with letting them sit a year or two.

Shouldn’t this be the 2009? Last year October they offered the 2008 also.

What if we can’t wait that long? :smiley:

Also, did you kill of Cesare or something?

A Woot favorite, but the CT notes (sparse as they are) are rather unflattering. Notes on the 2007 are more numerous but similarly underwhelming. Anyone want to explain the appeal to me?

I think we got “lucky” with getting the 2008 last year shortly after its release. Typically wine.woot gets last year’s Poizin (which, IMHO, works out better).

The reserve does (and is very tasty). The one sold here does not.

Found this interview with the Wine maker:

The 2007 is probably only starting to calm down now. I expect labrat notes this week to bemoan the alcoholic nose and heat of the wine on the palate.

Poizin was one of the early post-beta offerings that mixed good wine with a catchy package and really good people in terms of forum participation. Offering it in time for Halowe’en wasn’t a bad plan either.

I still reuse the bottles for running a bottle or two of homebrew off the keg when I’m going to a party and just swig beer out the Poizin bottle. :slight_smile:

I don’t think so - in Oct '06 I purchased the '05 (my very first wine woot!), '07 the '06 etc… I see last Oct '09 we were offered the '07 and then the '08 in Feb? Oh well, I have 2 '08’s somewhere here and I’ll just wait for the '09’s to add to my vertical. blah

I found a somewhat local place that offers a better deal on these.

Next time I’m at my parent’s house (whom live closer), perhaps I will stop by.

I think its just because of the label. While they’re tasty, I think they’re qpr is pretty poor.

Sigh…and I just bought these from that spying site a couple months ago at a few dollars more per bottle. Haven’t opened any of them yet though so can’t chime in as to how these compare to previous vintages.

Well you’ve got all weekend… :wink:

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Armida on Snooth

2008 Poizin on Snooth

Yep, you’re right. I’m down to one each of the '05, '06, and '07. I always hate drinking the last bottle of a wine.

You can always give them to fellow wooters if you can’t bear to plunge the corkscrew in.