Armida Winery Poizin and Antidote - 3 Pack

I had the antidote before (thought I got it here?) and it WAS 375ml not 750 - it’s great to see it’s “normal” sized now. The 375 made me think it was going to be a sweeter dessert wine last time and thankfully (not a fan) it was not (made it confusing as to WHY it was only 375) Must confess to actually having a bottle of 2008 PoiZin Saturday evening too… mmmmmm GOOD

Does anyone know if these come in the wooden casket box?

No caskets. Only the reserve comes with the casket and nicely engraved bottle, which you can order from Armida direct.

The Poizin is one of my absolute fave wine.woot finds. In for two. Happy that this time around it comes with Antidote; been meaning to try it.

Oh, and available to rat.

The “antidote” IMO is terrible. I ordered two bottles direct from the winery and aside from not liking the taste, it was full of lees (a residue) and I had to filter it as I poured. I was told this is normal, but I didn’t like to have to filter the wine before drinking it. The Poizin is EXCELLENT, one of my favs, so this deal basically gives you two bottles of Poizin at its regular cost and you get a free bottle of Antidote to try.


Is it wrong that I mostly want to buy this because of the names?

Hey, Steve, how about a super special deal on the Poizin Reserve in the casket for those who bought three of these deals? Sounds fair to me!

This totally made my Monday… Love, Love me some Armida Winery poiZin!!
Definitely in for one … If I was not going to Vegas this week I would be in for three!

Nope, half the bottle I buy I buy for the label, I keep every bottle of wine I drink and display it on my ceiling.

Um, I wouldn’t say it is wrong; it is what marketing is all about. The timing is excellent, obviously. Since there is a strong fan base for the actual wine, I don’t think liking its appearance is something to be ashamed of.

I’m really on the fence, having snagged 2 bottles of D-cubed last week for Thanksgiving. But then again, I’m thinking about comparing the two. Sigh.

Any idea if this will arrive before Halloween?

I would buy this to take to a Halloween Party, but I would doubt this will be delivered by 10/31. Why doesn’t wine woot put these offers up earlier?

It would truly be something to participate in such a party and not have it immediately devolve into quotes from The Princess Bride.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie too, but folks do get a tad carried away sometimes.

**** delivered by holloween ****

First Time LAB RAT reporting in!

Hi Everyone, be patient, as this is my first time being a lab rat for Wine.Woot.

We were very surprised to receive a package from Fed-Ex with not one, but TWO bottles of wine. We got them on Thursday, and decided to let them sit until Saturday and Sunday for consumption. We normally drink reds, but have been branching out into whites during the last 6 months or so.

It was late on Saturday night (after 9:45pm) so we decided to start backwards with the white “Antidote” instead of the red “Poizin” due to time constraints on letting the wine breathe.

So, without further ado, here are our (myself and hubby’s) VERY inexperienced wine review:

-Was refrigerated for 6 hours.
-Pop & pour: Hubby’s first response “Tastes flat”
-Me: Very light scent, maybe some citrus, not a whole lot of smell coming from bottle, or the glass.
-Both: Swirl in glass, swish in mouth, first taste is alcohol. Slight amount of sweetness. We decide to let this sit for a few minutes and see what happens.

15 minutes later:
-Both: More citrus smell, but still not a lot of fragrance. Light dryness on the back sides of our tongues on the finish. Still tastes a little “thin” and there is some heat from the alcohol. Seems to be easy enough to drink, but not putting forward a lot of flavor.

-Pop & Pour: Hubby’s first response “Screw Top?!?.. Hmm, smell’s good, not that bad”. At first opening I smelled … Blackberries? Something yummy, smell of alcohol/heat.
-Color is deep purple/burgundy. Pretty. Swirled it around in the glass, doesn’t really “stick” to the sides much.
-Nose in glass is definitely more berries, something sweet and rich smelling, maybe currants.
-Both: Tastes “finished” no green pepper or bitterness on our tongue. Definitely some heat from alcohol, but not unpleasant.

15 minutes later, and a pour through the Vinturi:
-Both smell some richness and oakiness to it. More berries. Very yummy by itself, easily drinkable without food.
We make dinner, grilled hamburgers and a handful of Ruffles potato chips.
-The wine is ok with dinner. Spicier with the food.

1 hour later:
-Both: Really like it. I can smell sweetness in the glass, with a floral undertone. But it doesn’t taste overly sweet, which would be a turn off for us.
-Both: This is nice, pleasant to drink alone, needs a better match than burgers for food. Rich at first, not overwhelming.

All in all, we REALLY liked the red, and would definitely purchase it. The white was ok, not our usual favorite, might be nice and refreshing on a hot summer day, but now that it’s fall…
Being that this includes two of the red, I am definitely in for one.

I’m in like Zin!

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Hey Rugrats, nice to “see” you again! I’m thinking about your idea/request. Perhaps our wine club discount (25%) plus Bruce and I can personalize the bottle for you…

HEY! Where the heck did my avatar come from??? :slight_smile:

Hey gang, just to clarify, the 2010 Antidote in this offering was bottled in 750ml glass. We plan to continue bottling Antidote in the 750ml bottle, primarily because the 375ml bottle gave the impression that it was a dessert wine. While very fruity (due to the long, cool fermentation), Antidote has no residual sugar and is dry.

You can never guess what you’re avatar will look like. I hope it is random because I would hate to think I’ve done something to deserve mine! You were probably thinking the same thing.