Armida Winery Poizin Trio

Armida Winery Poizin Trio
$56.99 + $5 shipping

Condition: Poizinous
3 2007 Armida Winery Poizin Sonoma County Zinfandel

CT Link above. Glad to see Armida back this fall!

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Previous Offers:
10/16/2006: Blog and Forum (2005 vintage)
10/15/2007: Blog and Forum (2006 vintage)

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PoiZin is back !

OK,what’s the ideal drinking window for this? To what extent might it be infanticide to drink some now? (Though zins are often good early drinkers they may not be at their best).

How does the 2007 vintage compare with recent vintages?

P.S. WD, available for lab rat duty.

Lit up Ohio!

Steve & Bruce Cousins? What?

How can cousins be married?

I think I had seen this at Chip & Py’s in Mequon, WI. I forgot what the name of the place is now. Same owners, new name. I’l stop in and try a glass.

2007 is hailed as an all around phenomenal year, especially in the Sonoma area…

That said, $20 a pop is a bit steep for a three-pack of wine I have never tried since I’m supposed to be on a SIWBM.

hmm, im always tempted to buy anything that says, “poizin” on it :stuck_out_tongue:

You, most certainly, will not be disappointed!

Tempting… if I go in, I have a 4 year vertical…

Well, shit! That doesn’t help me much does it?

I remember a lot of people commenting that the 2006 had a lot of alcohol heat. Winery: is this one more toned down or should we sit on them for a while to allow for integration?

Only 200 cases a year. Etched and hand painted. Love the bottle. They sell for $25 each on the official site, good deal. I’m tempted.

4? Haven’t we only had 3 Poizin year offers? 2005, 2006, and now 2007?

And does Gatzby’s girlfriend know he’s available on sellout?

Legal to get married in several states (including California), and once married, legal to live in any state (because of 1960’s equal rights legislation mandating that a legal marriage in one state must be recognized by all states).

Besides, Einstein’s parents were cousins…

How does this compare to the last PoiZin offering? A 2006 vintage.

I’m glad this is back. I bought it the previous two times it was offered and really enjoyed it. Still have one bottle left from the last offering. And first sucker! As if I need more reasons to celebrate…

Kyle, I’m sure if you go in on the Poizin and don’t like it, someone in Cali will buy the other bottles from you. If not, you have a couple of bottles to use as gifts. But I don’t think that will be the case.

Well, it’s $4 deeper in the pocket!

I have heard nothing but incredible things about this, I am going to have to pull the trigger here.

I would love to lab rat this one. I cannot wait to taste!

This sale has not launched yet

WHAT?? Won’t let me buy me wines…