ArmorSuit MilitaryShield S7 Screen Cover

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield S7 Screen Cover
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There are three versions of the Samsung S7 which one does this cover?

Samsung S7
Samsung S7 Edge
Samsung S7 active

The sequel we need is Eneloops 2:Let’s get ElBarto Two.

After that Boxes of Chinchillas for all y’all, so long as I get my eneloops.

we don’t want this crap. we want good deals. who even has a s7?

Those that couldn’t afford the $850 to upgrade to the S8. The S9 comes out on March 16th. As does the S9 Plus.

The others that went on an S7 are all those people that are not iPhone lemmings. There’s absolutely no reason on this Earth to own an iPhone other than you are incapable of managing your phone by yourself. Thinking that is more secure is absolutely BS. Samsung uses Knox which is much stronger security than iOS. Also you do not hear in the mainstream media how many issues there have been with Apple software.

ITunes is nothing more than a chain and ball around your leg. It still amazes me that people cling to their iPhone.

Full disclosure, I test, evaluate and sell all manufacturers and operating systems. I work for the largest telecommunication company in the US. These comments are mine and mine alone and may not reflect my company’s position

Wow. MaBell weighs in, and talks trash. If MsBell had her way, you’d all rent Princess phones by the month.

I hate the ignorant customer model Apple pushes also, but MaBell created her, and rented-to-buy CDMA, TDMA, and GSM. Tout Samsung if you’d like - their removable batteries are aces with me, but that OS is Google. A pity MsBell is allowed to bloat it for her phone stores. It’s Apple, Google or nothing.