Army Gear 10-in-1 Essential Emergency Survival Kit

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Army Gear 10-in-1 Essential Emergency Survival Kit
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Woot describes the flashlight to be 500lumen while the same product on amazon describes flashlight to be 250lumen.

I don’t know what is making me laugh harder, the description of the pen “Effective tactical action with improved safety coefficient”, or a 500 lumen single AA flashlight.
I think the only numbers that can be trusted in the entire product description are 8 feet of paracord, 4 inch flashlight, 3 inch blade and 440 steel.
All the other numbers and coefficients are pure marketing wank.
500 lumens from a single AA? Maybe momentarily with the use of pre-charged capacitors. But don’t worry, there isn’t enough current capacity in a small alkaline dry cell to push a LED to 500. If it did, there isn’t enough area or mass to radiate/transfer the heat, so you would drop the flashlight long before you could ever see something a mile away.
Thousands of hours of use? That be one slow, weak assed strobe…Or a Chinesium lie.
Sadly, I don’t think the Woot staff could even come up with something as outlandish in describing the products as the manufacturer did.

I can openly say that from my time in the army, we didn’t have a single one of these, and you don’t need any of this crap to ‘survive’.
Like a ‘tactical camping knife’ and three tiny compasses. Or a ‘Tactical pen’… seriously? what the hell is a tactical pen?
News flash, a compass does you NOTHING if you don’t have a map, or know a direction to move in.

This is junk. I grabbed it last time is was around to throw in my car. The case was smashed upon delivery and everything has a low quality feel to it. Also, there is no organization, everything is just thrown into this small case.

Thanks! I was thinking “get a few for the vehicles” but now I will pass…


I was tempted for a minute myself, but then I thought a far more effective survival box would be a good first aid kit plus rope and knife.

Maybe I’ll take my own advice and assemble a couple of those for my vehicles instead.

The presence of the credit card tool is a clear sign this is garbage.

Hi there. That is not the same item (despite photos). From the vendor:

There are some major differences from the amazon bundle this is linked to. Our items are made of premium (real) materials like steel for the knife (instead of an aluminum alloy in the comparison), the flashlight is 500 lumen (instead of 200), survival whistle is dual chamber design (instead of single chamber), paracord bracelet is made of nylon mesh that can withstand actual 600lb static weight (compared to 150lbs).

Yeah. We tell women this is 10 inches. Of genuine Swedish powdered 440 steel.

WHAAA??? Do you know how essential of a tool this is? IT HAS A BOTTLE OPENER! You don’t know how many times I’ve needed to open a beer bottle when stranded in the forest, didn’t learn they were twist tops till afterwards, but you know, it was an emergency. A few times I was stranded and could only find beer cans, WITH THE TABS MISSING! The sharp edge of the credit card tool was essential in cutting a proper surgical grade incision into the aluminium which allowed me to not cut my lips on jagged edges.

The pen with its glass breaking edge can also double up as a hunting weapon, thrown at a squirrel from 10 feet away it will stun it, allowing you to have a ready source of protein to put over a fire.

I grudgingly admit I have used that credit card tool more times than I can count…and when tucked into my bifold wallet the thing “might have” made it through airport security…which then caused me to panic until the plane took off. As far as all the other stuff…well I guess if you need some paracord, a whistle, and a knife…it could come in handy. For $20 you could do worse but you will get much more use out of a multi item first aid kit imho.

Engineers ARE making some impressive advances in DC circuitry. However, as you say (paraphrasing) ‘The Laws of Physics STILL Apply.’
There are some really nice, even smaller, 600 lumen flashlights running off CR123 sized batteries.
The key unmentionables are that as the LED heats up exceeding the ability of a metal case to dissipate the heat, the lights auto-downshift to lower power modes. And these things should be looked at from the standpoint of Ampere HOURS and the ability of an alkaline battery to push necessary current (use a Li-On) and life of about 2-20 minutes at highest settings. LED lights can provide several days of runtime at low settings (say a candle’s brightness), and for only seeing in total darkness VS reading or examining for a few seconds, that is adequate, even preferable. Lastly, they don’t mention the color of the light, which impacts its usability as much as brightness; the whiter the better (look for 4000-5000K).
But, this is a small plastic package, not meant for every day use. It is a $3 flashlight - replace it with a $20 flashlight, USB-rechargeable Li-On battery and toss in a foldable solar charger…

In for 3!

I know that each of my siblings will want one of these. They are always talking about how they wish their children had oddly elongated heads. Looking at the pictures of the people in the emergency blankets, it appears that these blankets warp space within them and stretch the heads out to just the right size!

The magnesium striker in the first pic (everything in the box) is different than the one in the exploded view (second pic).

The 1AA flashlight in the kit really puts out 500 lumens?


I guess people can buy this “Army Gear Kit” to go along with their “Navy Seal Flashlight”…the one that will blind a bear. LOL

Nothing is as described, its all junk,save your money and don’t buy from woot