Army Gear 10-in-1 Essential Emergency Survival Kit

I am perplexed as to why they would photoshop a baby’s face onto a woman in the space blanket photo. So I can only assume that it’s not photoshopped and it’s a space baby swaddled in a space blankie.

Holy crap, I swiped right by that. That hair is bizarre.

As for the kit, the knife is gas station quality, so I expect the rest of the stuff is too. Not unexpected at this price, but something to keep in mind.

Actually, it’s three kids, stacked up, going by the name Vincent Adultman.

Maybe I’m missing something…Do you normally keep hitting the flint after the fire is started and you’re already roasting marshmallows?

If you look closely, his hand is in front of/in/above the fire, roasting. (I smell bacon burning!)

Are they implying that I should use that tactical pen on that woman with boxing gloves? I would probably go to jail for that.

This little box gives purpose to “cargo” pants. I have a little kit like this for one of my smaller car go bags. Not a bad little set of EDC tools and it’s about the size of a “go box” you will be able to fit in your little prius…

According to the Specs, this kit includes:

•Tactical Camping Knife
•Paracord Compass
•Emergency Thermal Blanket
•500 Lumen Tactical Light
•Flint Fire Starter
•Multipurpose Swiss Card
•Survival Signal Whistle
•Tactical Pen
•Compass Clip
•Swiss Card 2
•Ultra Compact Shockproof Carrying Case

So per the two indicated lines, are there 3 "Swiss Card"s in this kit?

The seatbelt cutter and glass breaker features could come in SO handy in an emergency! I’m gonna get one to keep in my trunk, which I totally can’t reach in case of actual emergency, but I’LL FEEL SO PREPARED.

No, there is the typical credit card style Swiss Card we are familiar seeing, then there is Swiss Card 2. In the second picture, there’s this odd “V” shaped device. That is Swiss Card 2. It’s hard to find stats on it.

If your kid sticks it in the desiccated zombie hand you should be OK though. Until the desiccated zombie takes it away from him and breaks your windshield with it, then it’s braaaaainsss time.

Methinks the copy writer got a little loopy here.

LOL. Rather enamored with that pen, I’d say.

[QUOTE=davemays123, post:3, topic:740495]
Holy crap, I swiped right by that. That hair is bizarre.

Actually,That’s a Ringo Starr baby pic.

So glad they improved the safety coefficient! You could hardly get into efficient tactical action with the old safety coefficient.

Does anyone know the dimensions of the case? I have a small space in my vehicle and want to know if it will fit in there.

Since the flashlight is 4", I’m going to bet it is 6"wide, 4" long and a pile of junk high.