Army Gear 10-in-1 Essential Emergency Survival Kit

What fire starter does this come with? The second pic with expanded contents doesn’t match the contents in the case.

You’re getting the one with the kinda triangle thing on top. We’ll be fixing that 2nd image in just a bit.

Tactical pen?

For tactical journaling during your survival situation?

What is it that makes a pen or flashlight “tactical?”

Usually, items described as “tactical” will be ruggedized somewhat and perhaps have a dual use. A tactical pen, for example, is usually stiff, reasonably waterproof, and can be used as a weapon in a pinch. A tactical flashlight has more to do with the form factor (small, powerful, highly portable), but might have some additional water/dustproofing, and might have an SOS flash mode, or different levels of lighting. Some are also able to be used as weapons or tools.

I love the “long headed child in a space blanket” picture. I know I have seen it before and I feel like it is becoming art.

Anyone else notice that the steel fire scraper is RIGHT next to the “highly accurate compass”? Now, my compass experience is almost exclusively on sailboats of every kind - but I can’t imagine a compass being “highly accurate” with a piece of steel millimeters away from one side of it… :wink: