Army Gear 10-in-1 Essential Emergency Survival Kit

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Army Gear 10-in-1 Essential Emergency Survival Kit
Price: $19.99
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This is the airsoft of survival gear.

I echo those sentiments! It’d be more fun to buy these items individually in the sporting goods aisle at the local big box…

The only item I’d have had any interest in, was the paracord bracelet (not that I even need it).

And even that I just got for free on Sunday. (Now to wait for it to arrive.)

(Except the one I’m getting also includes a knife on it, so…)


The knife and pen are both designed to break car windows. If you have access to so many cars that you need multiple window breakers then you’re in less of an emergency survival situation than you thought.

Key-bored Kommandos

When I looked at this I heard the theme from “A Team” playing in my head…

But that is a very pretty shiny whistle in that kit!

So I’m trying to figure something out. For the tactical pen, I understand all the images under it except the woman holding it. Is it indicating the pen can be used as a fighting weapon?

Yes, the idea is that it can be used as a stabbing weapon like a kubotan.

The images are funny and show no understanding of how these are used (I know it’s for marketing) like the father and son pic where the father us still using the fire starter while he’s already gotten the starter fire going. By now, he should start putting larger branches to build a sustaining fire.

OMG this is the one with the creepy baby face photoshopped on to the aluminum blanket pictures.

I’m glad I went back to look at that, my nightmares now have a new friend

That survival padlock sure has a lot of numbers on it !

Tactical knife not as advertised. Did not come with the one that has a seat-belt cutter. Everything else is as advertised.

Sorry about that. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Also isn’t the one that “has a speedsafe assisted opening”