Army Gear Elite 800 Lumen Flashlight Set

Army Gear Elite 800 Lumen Flashlight Set

I have one of these. Its garbage. Probably worth $8 but laughable @ $99 for 2.


Yeah. These suck. I actually returned a 2 pack of these last week. Of course they didn’t even work. It’s mind boggling.

Amazon sells it for $29 why is Woot stating it as originally at $99? Second, these are not 800 lumens flashlight. Sadly Woot afaik does not accept returns worth less than $20 plus you pay for return shipping. Get a branded one or get one that is really dirt cheap. And I mean cheaper than this.

  1. MSRP is often an (imaginary) number created by the manufacturer. MSRP != Amazon Price.
  2. When it comes to items less than $20, reaching out to CS can help.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

Have two of these, one died within a few months and the other I have to shake to get it to go full bright sometimes.

If operating these using a 3 AAA battery adapter, you will be very disappointed. Needs the 18650 3.7 volt Li Ion battery (a rechargeable Chinese industrial design with much higher energy density than US made cells) to have bright lumen output. I have very similar ones but different brand that have been extremely bright for size. Cannot speak for durability of this one.

The 18650 battery and charger will likely cost you upwards of $7 for charger and $3 to $7 for each battery, but IS worth it if you want a compact bright light that is brighter than a 4 D cell Brinkman Maglight.

I’ve had one of these for a year now. Works great and I’m very happy with it.