Army Gear Tactical Flashlights (4 Pack)

Army Gear Tactical Flashlights (4 Pack)

Is this a good deal? There’s a 1000 lumin small flashlight in my cart on the mothership for $8.50 (with 6k +reviews) these are about $5 a piece. 2x 500 lumin and 2x 800 lumin.

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I think its meh. I ordered a Vman flashlight from Woot a few weeks back (looks like the bigger of the two styles in these pictures) and was not impressed at all. The buttons and modes were really touchy. Now it’ll just sit and collect dust in the garage/closet (its the backup flashlights backup).

I ended up buying a 2 pack of Bell and Howell flashlights (the brown ones) that were on here and they work much much better (brighter light and better button)

I’m thinking this deal is more about quantity than quality, but I do not own them, so this only has so much value lol

One other thing I’ll say is typically outdoors gear is worth spending a little more on. It’s nice having that reliability when you’re out and about camping or doing whatever.

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I purchased the Army Gear (mine are branded as RockBird) 500 lumen ones from the mothership several months ago…they are about $3.50 each. Are they worth it? For that price, yes. These are replacing the cheeseball $1.99 three AAA battery lights that my kids like to play with. They are bright enough to see things, but not too bright that a kid is going to lose an eye when they stare into the light. Keep in mind…you are not going to get the light output they advertise off of a AA battery, you must use the higher voltage 14500 cells to get anywhere near the rated output. To compare output, one of my bike lights is a Li-Ion 500 Lumen light…it is quite a bit brighter than these are while running on a AA battery. I have never compared when running on a 14500. The entire point of these for me were to not be too bright due to kids as well as being cheap to replace batteries since they tend to be left on constantly.


Just Now Received My Tactical Flashlights

I am Highly Dissapointed in these Low Quality Knock Offs

No Way are these anywhere close to being 500 & 800 Lumins

I was so Excited ordering these
Now I’m Very Disappointed and Can’t Believe I wanted these so BAD

1 Unhappy Camper

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Thank you for taking 1 for the team. Make sure to reach out to cust service if you’re really disappointed.