Army Gear Tactical Flashlights

Army Gear Tactical Flashlights

I bought the 1000 lumen model and they are ok as a basic cheap flashlight … and I do emphasize cheap! This is a perfect example of getting what you pay for. 1000 lumens is definitely a stretch … even in the Wooters descriptive digest.

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Bought the 500 lumen and very disappointed. One of the worst and dimmest beam patterns.

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These really need to be used with a 3.7v 18650 battery instead of 1.5v alkaline batteries to achieve good results. There is a heat sink in the flashlight’s design for good reason. Such high energy density batteries seem to largely Chinese and a few Korean made. Not sure why US cannot make these (maybe due to patent).

  • With the right battery, these tend to be blindingly bright. You can see the spot comparisons on Amazon.
  • I have several generic ones from other sales on the mother ship and the difference between driving the led with 1.5V and fully charged 3.7v is very discernible.
  • So much, shine it on a wall rather than at your eyes.

Some of the 18650 Li Ion batteries are poorly made. You do not want to drop them and risk an internal unregulated short circuit. The energy density is sufficient that if there is a short there is a possibility of a fire. TSA does not allow them in checked baggage for good reason.

Check if yours can accept a 14500 Li Ion battery. Also 3.7v. Be careful. If they are not designed for that it will burn out immediately. But if the manufacturer says it is an option, then it will be again 3.7v vs. 1.5v and discernably different.

The ones I bought (a commen design and shape but different brand) do accept the 14500 battery but you have to decide if you want to spend as much for the battery and a charger. Mine were ~ 300 lumens / 7 Watt with the 14500 and an estimated 80 lumens with AA battery. I do not regret the extra cost to transform the device. Consider the old 2D batteries often are 80 lumens. Handle them with care (see above caution please).

1000lm option. Came with 18650 3.7v batteries. There are 3 settings for brightness. Half click the button to get to brightest setting. Only problem is they didn’t come with any paperwork so not sure how to tell if the cheap charger is working. It flashes red light. Sometimes no light, then green when plugged into wall. Without charging, the charger had green light when put battery in, not plugged into wall. I have no idea of the battery’s state of charge

Sounds like defective charger. If you’re willing to get the flashlight working you may want to buy another charger and maybe a spare battery. I have done both subsequently. I highly recommend this multiple size and type charger item from Amazon. Can sense Lithium Ion, Nickle Metal Hydride, Nickle Cadmium, more and their voltage needs - very innovative. Mine was a slightly cheaper earlier version. Currently $12.99.

I consider the immensely higher lumen output worthwhile. So bright I don’t recommend leaving the light on too long on Max setting because it could very well be overdriving the LED. It puts my three and four cell Brinkmann’s with incandescent lamps to shame.

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Awesome! Thank you for the suggestion!

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