Army in my Pocket*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Go Here to get it Tomorrow

Terrific design! In for one!

very simplistic shirt. so much better stuff behind it that should be printed instead. Can’t believe this placed at all. very ugh.

Congratz again man, great submission.

YES! In for two!

What’s the deal with all the OLIVE shirts? Come on. Get a new shirt color please!

yesssss! I was waiting for this. In for one for my boyfriend’s son! He’s gonna be the coolest kid in school.

I’d buy it, if it was a real pocket. How bout it Woot, how’s about some tees with pockets?

nah…hopefully the baby blue swinging emotion balls will be tomorrow’s…if it’s that stupid tree I’ll consider punching woot in the face and boycotting the crappy taste of its members…

night. :slight_smile:

awesome. Got one.

sundbe did the HGP shirt, right? Back-to-back wins - congratulations!

Yeah, that Olive… always the most overdone color at woot.

As a former paratrooper I’m in for one!

Nice one!

Dude, I actually tried to get #1. Well done.

i really hope the green t-shirt with the third and not that ball one

Everyone says everything is overdone. Olive, asphalt, black, navy…

Congrats, sundbe10! I was glad to see a skydiving shirt win, and wow 2nd place on a resub after the color change. The olive shirt still evokes the green army men feel from the first version. This design could also have done very well in the trompe l’oeil derby, with the men jumping out of the faux shirt pocket. Nice work :slight_smile:

Congrats sundbe!!! Glad you went with the olive instead of brown. I am surprising my husband with this one - I’ll let you know the reaction when it arrives!!! Hope it gets here in time for his next gaming night with the boys.