Aromatherapy Good Night Sleep Blend

Aromatherapy Good Night Sleep Blend

I’ve wanted to try aroma therapy for some time but I’m concerned how it will affect my cat? I read online that cats can’t tolerate scents like humans and it could harm them. Anybody have any idea?

Curious how this “Woot Deal” was mysteriously removed, deleted, and refunded from my order but Amazon still has them in stock for their regular price and it took them a whole week to do the refund.

I ended up having to pay the same amount for two bottles from Amazon and I’ll get them by Wednesday as I had paid for three bottles from Woot! And who knows how long it would have taken to get this “Prime Exclusive” deal to actually show up on my doorstep?

I’m losing faith in Woot! not just over some essential oils but this has been the proverbial last straw. They used to be a place that meant something… not so much anymore.

Hello there. Most of the items on Clearance are items that we’re moving for Amazon. In some cases, the inventory may be inaccurate, expired, unsellable (damaged). When that happens, we have to cancel/refund orders. We often don’t find out about the status until Amazon tries to fulfill the orders.