ARRIS Cable Modem & Wi-Fi Router - White



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I would strongly suggest checking with your cable provider before you get one of these to see what speeds are supported with the modem.

For example: Time Warner only supports up to 100Mbps for the SBG6782 and SB6141, and only up to 50Mbps for the 6121.

TWC List:


I got this for use with tier 2 comcast cable. I’m getting insane speeds using


I bought the version with telephone included from another place as soon as Comcast here allowed it and save about 8 bucks a month rental, and it even says Xfinity on it but doesn’t have the property of Comcast stickers all over it.
it is fast and pretty much auto connected itself once I finally disconnected the rest of the stuff on that network cable.
Pretty sure this is the same one minus the phone part and will work nicely with Comcast and save you rental fees.
I have never used the wifi as I already have a 4 port gig router with wifi hooked up.
It will open a web page and walk you through entering the numbers and info you need and once it’s happy off you go, takes maybe 5-10 minutes. Just remember to take your old modem back unless you want to continue paying rent for it.


The SB6141 comes highly recommended from Ars which I find is a good resource for these type of things.

Lifehacker, another good site has recommended this modem since 2012, though it looks like it’s gone through some cosmetic design updates. Or has it always come in a color coordinating black or white? Which is better for an evening modem versus an early afternoon affair? Anyway…:


Comcast list of compatible devices,

As said above, it is a good practice to check before purchase. And unless things have changed since I worked at Comcast, you will have to contact your provider to have the device provisioned on the network. Have the Manufacturer, Model Number, and HFC MAC Address handy.


Yes, I did forget to mention. The sbg6782 had to be provisioned with Comcast. It was super easy, just a simple toll free phone call. I’ve been getting 30Mbps on my cell phone testing with app.


It’s funny, I was checking Woot all week for cable modems, since I’d seen them around the site before and I wanted to ditch my leased modem. Here they finally are now that my Surfboard 6183 and my Woot-sourced Linksys router are both in my hands and ready to connect. Oh well. The 6183 is a 16-channel modem which has twice the maximum capacity of the 6141 on offer here and according to Amazon reviews tends to support a higher minimum and average speed even on cable connections (like my Comcast 105 mbps Blast service) that don’t come anywhere near actually using that maximum capacity (I think you would be hard pressed to find a service that does). The reason being that with cable service you are sharing bandwidth channels and the additional channel access means your modem can distribute your traffic across a wider number of channels, making congestion on any given channel less impactful.

Also, while the all-in-one modem/router model being sold here is a no-fuss approach, I would recommend considering buying the router and modem separately. The Linksys Smart Wifi router I bought from Woot was $65 (after taxes and shipping) and is almost certainly going to be more long-term reliable and feature-rich than the router function on the combo modem. And if you need to replace it, you can do so without necessarily also replacing the modem. My model of router and the 6141 in this sale combined would run you a bit under the combo modem, and there are cheaper router options if your needs are more modest (or pricier modem options, as I’ve demonstrated here).