ARRIS/Motorola Cable Modem &Wi-Fi Router

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ARRIS/Motorola Cable Modem &Wi-Fi Router
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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4.2 Stars over at Best Buy

Key Features:
Capable of downloading up to 8000 times faster than 56k analog phone modems

I lol’d.

I mean it’s true, but it’s still a ridiculous metric to use.

Do not buy this gateway, it does not work with any brand range extender.

The$64 on Amazon but it doesn’t say it is a range extender

Wouldn’t recommend this. Doesn’t work with range extenders, and if you have Comcast, you will experience intermittent reboots and momentary outages.

FYI - not trying to argue - trying to educate and help. I can say, as a former Comcast technician with 6 years in the field, if you experience “intermittent reboots and momentary outages” - the problem isn’t this piece of equipment … it’s your cable line feeding it. Any technician who tells you otherwise is lazy, or knows you own your own equipment and trying to “play the blame game”. It’s never - and I do mean NEVER - the equipment. If you buy this, and you have service issues, feel free to call Motorola. They can test it over the phone if you give them a MAC address via upstream and downstream data. They will confirm it is functioning properly and your service line is faulty.

I bought one of these a year and a half ago. It works ok, range isn’t great, and did have to reset it probably once a week. Eventually got a really cheap router, turned off the router on this, and attached the separate router, and it’s worked much better ever since. I’d recommend getting just the modem and a router separate. Think I paid like 10-15 bucks for the router.

I bought one of these when they had them last time. When the modem was refurbished the company never removed the previous account owner. So when I went in to activate the modem at Comcast I was told they could not activate it because it was still linked to the other customers account and there was nothing they could do for me. I returned the modem and bought the same one from Costco. Good modem as long as its not linked to some one’s account.

I’m sorry for the problem with the account info.


“The Certified Refurbished SBG6580 modems might have been previously set up on your Cable Internet Provider and the manufacturer makes best efforts to insure the MAC ID is purged from that Provider as part of Refurbish process, BUT occasionally they are not. If you get one that can NOT be activated because of this call Arris (contact info is on packaging) and they will gladly replace for you ASAP.”

Bought a brand new one from Kroger Marketplace for 69.99…

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I have this cable modem and I have a range extender that works very well with it.

I can confirm this as I went through the same for almost two years with Comcast, guess they were just lazy. Eventually they replaced the line to my house and all my issues went away. BTW, I have owned multiple surfboard models and been impressed.

Are you SURE? My Kroger Marketplace sells fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers. :slight_smile:

One thing to keep in mind, DOCSIS 3.0 is the 2006 standard, and the 3.1 version was released in 2013. It’s starting to roll out now, especially in competitive markets (where FIOS and cable go head to head, or Google’s in play). If your cable provider has annoucned gigabit cable modem speeds, they’re talking about 3.1.

Having said all that, the 3.0 standard will be around and supported for a long time, so there’s not much risk of it being obsolete, but there is a risk of not being able to get the higher speeds in the future.

Ha, I did too!

Recently bought one off ebay. Works well. Like other said, the wifi on this device isn’t all that great. I ended up attaching an external wifi router (TL-WR841N ~$20) to this modem and the 841N outperformed the native SBG6850 wifi in terms of both range and throughput.

I just do not understand. Why is this not compatible with Cablevision Optimum?