ARRIS/Motorola Cable Modem & Wi-Fi Router

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ARRIS/Motorola Cable Modem & Wi-Fi Router
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Long time Wooter…picked up one of these a while back…and man I wish someone had told me this before I bought it.

Because it is refurb there is a chance that when you go to activate it with your internet provider the original owner had the same service.
IF that is the case they will NOT remove the registration from the previous owner to you…even with proof of purchase. They say over and over that the original owner must deactivate it…which is clearly impossible.

It’s was a nightmare for me to do this with Comcast…and it was a nightmare for my brother in law to do this with Time Warner. Only by sheer luck did I finally after several hours and trips to my local Comcast got someone who knew Woot and made an exception. My bro in law was not as fortunate with Time Warner.

As much as I’m all about referb…this is one hassle that’s best to skip and buy new.

I have had a similar Arris cable modem/router like this for about 3 years and the speed increase with Docsis 3 is incredible (if your ISP supports it–and if they offer very fast download speeds). I have Comcast cable and when I switch from DOCSIS 2 to 3 my download speed increased from around 20Mbps to 50Mbps. Comcast charges $10 a month to “rent” their cable modem/router so it makes more sense to own your own.

I am not tech savvy, but I bought a modem like this to lower the price of my monthly bill from Comcast. I returned it because I could not get my phone to work with this new modem. I was unable to get any help in solving this problem and had to return the modem. I just couldn’t resolve the problem of the phone line. I probably should have asked my grandson.

If anyone else has this problem, contact ARRIS and they will help you.

Will this modem work with Verizon FiOS?

For those interested, a quick link to a LifeHacker article on figuring out compatible modems with your provider:

And also this, that I happened upon:

Anybody else have problems with VOIP and this modem?

Does anyone know if this will work with Comcast’s Triple-Play? My phone goes through my current Comcast supplied modem.

Hey, this also features MoCA technology that lets you use your TV coax cable as part of your home network!

It does not help with your Phone service. Only Broadband internet and Wi-Fi.

It doesn’t have telephony capabilities.

It ‘should’ you will need to get any Internet provider to ‘provision’ this or any non rented cable modem.

Forgive my lack of technical jargon. I’m not sure if I’m asking the question the right way…

I don’t care if it supports Comcast’s telephone service. I don’t use it (even though I technically have it). I use Ooma for my office phone…and I thought all it needed was an internet connection, but I can’t tell if the previous comment was referring to an “Ooma” type service? Can someone clarify?

Although this 1.1 version of MoCA is the current offering from Arris, it is out of date. MoCA 2.0 was approved in June 2010.
So when will we see this modem updated? Arris support response: Currently we do not have any device or do I know of any device that is coming out that will have MoCA 2.0