ARRIS/Motorola Cable Modem & Wi-Fi Router

These Arris products are terrible. the wifi is awful and they will blame it on your cable company. don’t buy!

Have had ARRIS products for many years now and found the WiFi to be more than adequate for my needs. Will admit that it does not get to every corner and I have to use extenders (house is 4,700 sq. ft. and 100’long from north to south walls). I do not blame the router for that. Just bought this exact model at new Costco for $99.99 so with the one year warranty I only paid $4.00 more than this refurbished model with a square trade.

I’ve got this modem in a Comcast setup. It works fine for me. The best part is the built in MoCa networking which is great if you have a modern Tivo and use it with the Tivo minis.

Do you still need a Tivo Bridge to connect to Tivo mini via Mocha?