ARRIS/Motorola SB6141 Cable Modem

So is this better/worse/comparable to the one you’d get from Comcast? Worth buying to en rental fees?

It works like a charm with Comcast.

Yes, I have had a Motorola SB6141 for a few years now on Comcast system, and am saving about $7-10 per month in rental fees. It’s a great modem in that there are 8 download channels running in parallel, and 4 upload channels running in parallel, so you have plenty of bandwidth to get things done. I download at a full 30 Mbit/sec + and upload at over 6 Mbit/sec + normally on my 25/5 Mbit subscription. I just purchased a brand new one on ebay yesterday for a friend for $48.99 incl freight, so this appears to be a pretty good deal too.