Arris SB6121 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

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Arris SB6121 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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1/26/2016 - $29.99 (Woot-off) - Click To See Discussion (6 comments)

This is a terrific deal on a great router. Reliable and durable. I have been running one over a year now and saving money by having my own router vs. getting a crappy one from my cable provider. Well worth the price.

Agree. You meant to type modem not router though. Folks will likely still need router.

I can also agree that this is a good modem. I have been running it with xfinity service for 3 years now and laughing all the way to the bank with the money saved from renting a modem.

If you’re in NYC and want a modem that works with Time Warner’s 100Mbps+ speeds, this is NOT the modem for you. It’s a 4 channel modem. You need a 16 channel modem to take advantage of those speeds.

Take a look at the NETGEAR CM500-100NAS for a cheap 16 channel modem.

The SB6141 didn’t get along with TWC and my Apple Airport. Internet dropped daily. Bought a Zoom and they seem to be getting along better.

I have worked with comcast for 3 years.
This modem is being retired (eol) for anyone that is getting Performance Pro and above internet speeds.

The 6141 will still support the full speeds of the Performance Pro and above speed tiers.

If you have any package below the Performance Pro, this is indeed a fantastic modem!

I currently have a DOCSIS 2 modem, but only have a low end play (6mb/s down, 1mb/s up) will I see any benefit to upgrading to a DOCSIS 3?

While this is a great modem and at a great price, you might want to check out this article before deciding on upgrading:

Don’t get me wrong. Based on my using this modem I feel it is great. I have never had any issues with it. I just feel you should read the article to be more informed. The article compares this modem with the SB6141 which is another great modem. It explains the differences and the similarities of each. In addition, as someone else posted, if you are with Comcast they will be retiring this modem in the near future. It should still work on Comcast but you might be limited in future speed increases.

If you want to go further you might want to check out the SB6183. Go here to find out more:

IMO the SB6183 is the way I would go if I were buying one now. It is more future-proof than the other two although it costs quite a bit more. However, for the price of this SB6121 you cannot beat the quality/price combo.

WOW, am I getting old. My first modem was a combo unit getting a 300/1200 baud rate from the telephone line. Not too much later I bought one that gave me a baud rate of 2400. A bit later I bought one that allowed me to go to 14,400.

Back then I was on CompuServe, Delphi, The Source, Prodigy, and GEnie. I was also on a number of local BBS’s. In fact I was a co-sysop on many of the local ones.

Something else to consider is if your cable internet provider is going to be upgrading to DOCSIS 3.1 anytime soon. I know Comcast has announced upgrades to start in several of their areas this year with more areas to follow next year.

If you want to learn something about DOCSIS go here:

Has anyone else had problems getting this activated. Prior sales had people chiming in that they had problems with the modems being activated already and thus could not be used with their account.

I have a very old Surfboard Modem and would like to get a DOCSIS 3 modem and have always used SB modems.

I used to sell 28.8 and 54K modems. I was exited when I started selling the 3.2 gig Hard Drive vs the 2.5 ones that I normally sold. A 15" CRT Monitor sold for $225.

I also waited for a year to be signed up for a DSL line. 640K down was advertised but rarely got over 500K. Now with the slowest account with Comcast I get 25 MB down.

You might if your ISP supports it and offers a higher speed tier. When I switched to a DOCSIS 3.0 I noticed a very great bump up in speed. I currently get 94 around Mbps down and around 12 Mbps up