Arris SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

Must be Motorola is planning a new line of modems. I have had this model (Motorola) for several years. It has performed flawlessly. The LED lamps on the front are bright enough to be a reading light, but otherwise, no complaints.

The 6183 (16 channels down, 4 up) and the 6190 (32 channels down, 8 up) are currently on the market, as are their combo (modem/router/wifi/phone) versions.

If you still have a <100Mb/s connection and don’t plan on upgrading soon, the SB6141 is a perfectly fine model to use. If you plan on getting a ~300Mb/s or higher service, you will need a cable modem that can do 16, 24 or more downstream channels (SB6183, TG2472, etc)

I upgraded from the SB6121 to the SB6141 the other week.

Both modems are on Xfinity’s end of life list, but the SB6141 will be fine for users with the Blast service or lower. If you have the SB6121, I suggest getting the SB6141.

With the 6121, I was getting download speeds of 125ish Mbps. With the 6141, I now get 160ish Mbps.

The refurbished 6141 I did receive from Arris had a bad AC adapter. It had a big hole in it. Luckily, I can get a replacement with a phone call.

The blue indicator LED lights are way too bright, but you can disable them if you take apart the modem. I just put a post-it note over the lights to dim them. I may add more post-its to dim it further.

I bought an SB6141 reconditioned and tried for 6 weeks to get it to work with Xfinity, but finally gave up, its a bad reconditioned modem. Requested return from Woot but no response at all, past their return limit it would seem. Test your modem right away to make sure it works. I have a $50 brick now.

I’m sorry for the problem. Please contact Arris for assistance. They’ll be glad to help you out.

Arris Support Page

Arris has always made the Motorola branded modems. The new modems no longer carry the Motorola branding so the reconditioned units are following suit. It is the same modem though.

Are these the same modems that recently made the news?

Not based on the model numbers listed in that article.

Exact same thing happened to me. Woot was ZERO HELP with abysmal customer service. Try calling Motorola/Arris. They replaced mine for no charge and said this happens with Woot sold modems all the time.

I ordered one from Woot last time they had this. Since it was a refurb, the mac address was already in the Comcast system for another customer! It took 2 weeks and an act of congress, but Comcast finally was able to get it off the other customers account (I had to walk into a Comcast store to prove I had it), and then they were able to add it to my account. The amount of time invested was way more than the $30 I saved by buying a refurb.

My recommendation: don’t EVER get a refurb cable modem; buy a brand new one.

I dealt with this same BS a few months ago. The modem was listed as having a 1year warranty back then (gladly woot cleaned up that mess). The problem was niether woot nor arris covered the “warranty” it was mislabled. woot service pointed me to arris and visa versa ad infinitum.

Too much risk if you ask me.

I have a black 6141, and it’s great. Beware the white one, though. Hopefully refurb means they put a new firmware on it, but if you get the old firmware, it’s hit or miss whether it’ll work, be a brick, or just be slow. If you don’t have TWC or Comcast, you might have some luck getting problems fixed, but the two biggies refuse to update/service customer modems, even when it’s on their list of supported modems. Maybe if you get elevated to level 3 and talk to the right person, but it’s a risk. The black 6141 is great, though.

purchased the reconditioned SB6141 modem. I CANNOT get a stable connection with comcast internet. Comcast said the modem is BAD.

Contact Arris and they’ll be happy to help you. They’re good people.