Arris SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

Wow, this is just getting cheaper and cheaper. Such a bargain at $40. Or future-proof yourself with the 6183 for $20 more. I’ve used mine for over a year with zero problems and saved myself $6 or $7 (can’t remember) a month. As I say, such a bargain.

Beware! Ordered this last time it came around and did not connect for more than 4 hours total with my router and the cable connection. Had multiple techs try and rectify and no one could fix.

Proceed at your own risk. 10/10 would not buy this product from Woot again.

Hey GuyStephens, sorry you’re having so much trouble with this modem. Have you tried contacting Arris about these issues? In the past we’ve found them to be incredibly helpful.

If you’re talking TWC I believe it’s gone up to something ridiculous like $12/month. I wouldn’t know first hand though, I bought one from woot! about a year ago and it’s worked flawlessly. I thought something happened to it when I moved to a new apartment, but it turned out that the coax outlet itself was busted.

I just signed up for TWC, it’s $10/month.

BTW, for the SB6183, it’s about the same price on Amazon for a refurbed if you have prime shipping.

The SB6141 came today (or possibly yesterday and I did not see it given it is Sunday?) and works well and was activated without a problem. Pretty fast shipping. I’m not complaining (!) but the USPS tracking didn’t report it was almost here and it was in “pre-shipment” status even this morning. So be aware that it might come earlier than it reports.