Arris SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

Ok, wifi? Yes or no for this unit?


This is just a cable modem, not a router, not a wifi access point.

No, and that’s okay, because while it’s a fantastic cable modem, the wifi signal strength on the Arris/Motorola sucks. I went back to Actiontec because of it.

Don’t you just pair it with a router? Or it’s still to weak?

I purchased this two months ago when it was last on Woot and it’s been working great. No issues with the unit and simple setup (just plug it in) on the home side, the call to your isp may not be as easy. In any case, I would definitely recommend this modem.

Same. I have had no issue. My ISP was not happy they would not be charging me every month for a lesser modem, but the modem has worked flawlessly.

Any reason to go with this over the cheaper one?

I’ve read nothing but problems with the WIFI version, plus if a new protocol comes out have to upgrade modem/router unit again.

Nope. You’ll need a wifi router to go with it. Which, honestly, is better anyway, because modems with built-in wifi tend to suck at wifi.

If you have T-Mobile for phone service, go to one of their stores and ask for a wifi cellspot. They’ll give you a good-quality 802.11ac router (which would normally cost around $150-200) to use for free as long as you’re a T-Mo customer. Otherwise, there are plenty of decent routers you can get under $50.