Arris SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

… After being on this site for over 10 years… I finally got one… I finally got one… I don’t even know what to do with myself now…

Once again, I’m clueless! Think I’ll go to bed.

I love reading posts like yours. Makes this all worthwhile. :happy:

Woohoo! This was only my 2nd one ever!

Erh…if my brother made a purchase for himself with his own account + credit card but to the same address (we live together) would that be an issue?

Also, do you have any Arris SBG-6782AC you’re going to put up for sale in this Woot-off? I’ve been waiting and checking every dayyyy since I missed the sale on 6/3/16. If not, eBay, here I come.

:cry: I can’t find what you guys are talking about in the image. Is it something I can roll my curser over?

ah…thanks! gone now, but after missing both tonight, I’ll be smarter next time! Thanks for that!

Wow, I haven’t gotten a Burrito of Carne for years!

Ok, I see it, or at least I think I read it right but it says cannot reach DNS server?? I think being color blind doesnt help…

Finally got it to work lol. I had trouble seeing the letters. Thanks :slight_smile:

another time :cry:

been on woot since 2006 and just scored my very first bandolier of carrots! wonder if i’ll get another woot monkey to match the one i won in a hack day…

You are only allowed to crap once per seven days. It’s painful, but necessary.

this is probably a dumb question, but what do I do with the letters once I see them from the image?

I am in the same color blind boat. Never thought being color blind would affect my buying on woot

type them in your web browser’s address bar and hit enter.

Woo! Just got it - thanks!

Please help. I don’t see anything what you all are talking about…I’ve clicked everywhere. Where exactly is the link?

What image should I be looking at?

after saving photo and playing with it… i can read it… and its down :frowning:

rball02… not all heroes where capes my friend. <3