Arris SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

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Arris SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
Price: $49.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Monday, Nov 28 to Thursday, Dec 01) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I bought this in May and it broke a few days ago. The download was fine, but the upload had problems. You might want to buy the 1-year warranty.

OK stupid question- It says CABLE… I have FIOS, which is fiber optic, yet the box in my cellar taps into my house cable lines. The wire to the modem would be a coaxial cable. Will this work?

Yep, no problem

Vol.Mod.Edit: Actually, it will not. In a FIOS setup, there’s typically an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) from the provider to your house. From there, cable lines may be used via the Multimedia over Cable Alliance (MoCA) standard.

This unit will not replace either the ONT or the MoCA bridge.

My parents have internet and phone service in Seattle through Comcast and currently rent the modem from Comcast. Would this modem work in settings such as theirs where phone service is part of the functionality required?

They’re Xfinity now?

Most internet service providers have a device compatibility list.

Here’s the one for Xfinity

There’s not a separate comments page for the Garage Sale stuff, so I’m putting this here: is the broken link to the Minecraft coding course a challenge to see if you’re ready for a Minecraft coding course? That’s rather Meta… ;^)

HA! Fixed.

I’m not sure if this would be a worthwhile investment for me. I’m on Xfinity and currently have the Arris SB6141.

According to Comcast’s compatibility page, my modem isn’t supported anymore (end of life maybe?), but then when I scroll down for compatible modems, the SB6141 is listed. That’s got me thinking it might be a hardware revision issue.

Since the SB6183 is a refurb, is there any way to know if this model has a hardware revision number? I’d hate to buy it and then get told six months later it’s EOL due to an old revision.

I purchased one of these from Woot when they were offered a few months ago. It has been working fantastic on my 200/20 package and saving me the $6 a month for the rental.

Bought one of these more than a year and a half ago. Used on Comcast and now Time warner, no problems.

This is a great deal. I never had issues with refurb modems before. I had an older model of this modem line and Comcast relegated it obsolete (end of life I think they call it) so I bought this exact model brand new for $99 on sale from $150 just a couple weeks ago. I’m getting over 200 Mbps download on my service that is still listed at just 100 Mbps on my invoice. Couldn’t be happier with it.

Cable? Yes. Phone? No.

(The only requirement for a cable modem to play nice with Comcast is that it be DOCSIS 3.0, as this unit is.) I bought this the last time around because I finally decided to get rid of the land line and rely exclusively on cell phones. The need for phone support was the only thing that prevented me from chucking the rented-from-Comcast modem far earlier.

This is the most wrongest thing I’ve ever read. Verizon only allows you to use their router for Fios service.

You are mistaken. Fios doesn’t use modems; the big box (ONT) installed outside your house sends signal via multimedia over coax (MoCA) or the “cable” that you’re talking about to the vz branded router-gateway…

I’m ditching fios because internet only from twc/spectrum is cheaper, but anyway…

Please don’t buy this if you don’t have cable or are not switching to cable from Fios.

I’m told that all Software gets pushed from the Cable internet provider, so they will be fine.

Same for me. Bought one for my home & other for beach condo. Both are garbage.

I have had problems with this modem and Comcast, but then I set the DNS server to manual and had it use Level3’s DNS. No problems since… Lightning fast.

I currently have 200MB service but my cable provider was taken over by Charter and I can upgrade to 300MB for the same price I am paying now.

However, my SB6141 won’t cut it for that speed level so I am in for two (want to have a backup).

I’ll get Charter to check the serial numbers for both when I get them so I don’t have any problems.