Arris SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

A good deal. I paid twice this for the model that was one step lower (but new).

These pay themselves off really quickly because you don’t pay your ISP for some 5yr old lump of junk they had sitting in the back of the truck.

Be sure to compare this to the SB6141 (review here). Unless your connection speed is blazing fast, this might be overkill.

I’ll agree this is a great little modem. I’ve had it for 2 years now, I think. That means it’s paid for itself 5 times over now.

Currently own a Woot purchased 6141 from 2+ years ago. Have recently been experiencing intermittent packetloss and have yet to rule out the router, the wireless adapter, the modem itself, or the ISP … but at this price, if it is the modem, it can’t hurt buying now! If it isn’t the modem, I’ll have a nice backup for when I am ready to swap out.

Which one of these will work with Optimum ?

I have an Arris TM802 now.

This is what they list on their site.

Will this modem work with any provider?

Per their list, I would not count on it. You may want to double check with their CS, however.

Not necessarily. Verify with your local internet provider’s approved modem list first.