Arris SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

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Arris SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
Price: $49.99
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Condition: New


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I bought one when they were first released. It’s still going strong. 16 channels donw, 8 channels up. I pay for 100 meg, I reliably get 175…your mileage may vary. (It depends on how your ISP provisions your circuit).

Will this work with voice - phone service?

No; it will not. You would need a VOIP specific modem, which this is not.

This is absolutely correct. For people using Comcast; you will have to call them and set up the modem via the MAC address. They can walk you through this. This modem will pay for itself after 6 months since Comcast charges $10 a month for their modems. Their modems only support 4 to 8 channel, so this is twice that. You will notice much higher speeds since they upgraded to DOCSIS 3.0 in most areas about a decade ago.

I was able to connect mine without dealing with customer service - you’ll need to be able to sign on to your Comcast account.

With any product it has to be able to work a fair amount of times for it to stay in business. In my case I bought and returned 3 of these, I was on with customer each time. Finally gave up and purchased a net gear cable and wifi nighthawk unit. Worked flawlessly and actually better than expected. When I returned the arris surf board for the last time, I asked if they had returned on them. The answer was one big eye roll and “everyday” “wish we didn’t carry them”

My ISP was Time warner, according to the box it was fully compatible and on their list. Good luck

I bought this modem from Amazon about 10 months ago, also a refurb. Took a few minutes on the online chat with Time Warner to give them the new MAC address and I was up and running. And saving $6 or $8 per month.

I got mine at $70 as a refurb, so $50 is a great deal.

Will this support my crappy 15Mbps internet?

/s ;.;

Wondering whether this might be an option for the 4K TV streaming instead of running a network line across a room. I have space to run coax from the cable but can’t run the cat line the same way. Comcast service, will it support a second modem?

Yes. :slight_smile:

will this work with Fios and does it produce wi fi

Is this also a WiFi router?

No it is not.

It has two ports;

1 for your cable ISP (I have Comcast)

  1. for your internal network. You could plug a single PC into this port and it would work, but ONLY that PC would have internet access. Most would plug a wifi router into the LAN port, instead… and then all your computers speak to it, and it passes along to this box, then out to internet.

This will work with Fios BUT will not work for your phone service if you’re doing the triple play. This is strictly Internet only.

This is NOT a WiFi enabled device. You will need a router to enable WIFI. I prefer tp-link routers so this was perfect for me to pair with my router.

It will NOT work with FIOS and it does NOT have wifi.

“Compatible with major U.S. Cable Providers like Comcast, Cox, Charter, Time Warner, etc (NOT compatible with Verizon FiOS or AT&T U-verse).”

Is this new or refurbished?

Description says new, with a two-year Arris warranty, so I’m in for one. I’ve had an SB6141 for four years, never a blip with Bright House (now Spectrum after the corporate takeover). Got my money back some time ago. I can upgrade to a faster speed if I want with this modem, although I’m sticking with my legacy 100/10. Spectrum will drop me to 60/5 if I switch to a new plan with the SB6141, or charge $199 to upgrade to 300/10. Maybe I can avoid a truck roll with this. Now to wait for some kind of promotion, although that’s looking much less likely than before the buyout.

It’s new!

I have the Motorola MB7420 arriving today. I paid $79.99 from Amazon after upgrading to the Comcast Blast which is supposed to give 200 mps (I am now getting only about 70 mps with my Arris SB6121)

I’m kinda wishing I would have went with this one looking at the available speeds and different costs…