Arrow Garage Steel Cabinets

The color description on here should be “Tardis Blue”.

In the tall cabinets, can the shelves only go on one side? No photos found of shelves on both halves of the interior.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. There is a picture of the shelves on one side.

Do these cabinets come assembled or is it a DIY thing?

The tall cabinet comes with 4 adjustable shelves that can be placed on either side. The cabinet also comes with the netting. Greg -Arrow Spacemaker

It is a DIY thing Greg- Arrow Spacemaker

Are all the locks different? Even on groups bought together? it would be nice to have one key to fit all cabinets bought.

Keys are different, sorry there is nothing I can about that. Greg -Arrow Shed / Spacemaker

WARNING: The per shelf limit is 50 pounds.

That’s a few bottles of detergent or cases of soda.

In personal use I’ve found 200-300 pounds to be the appropriate per-shelf limit, with 1000 pounds or so for the whole thing. These sheds only promise 300 pounds in total “evenly distributed”.

Are these 22 gauge steel?

Yes they are 022 gauge steel


Agreed. That’s one issue keeping me from buying one of these sets. Fifty pounds? I’d be pretty steamed if I put a few tools on a shelf and it buckled. Or if I had a cabinet full of stuff and the casters failed, or the sides buckled as I was pushing it around. Really, that’s not very much weight AT ALL…

Also, other websites have the steel listed at 24 gauge, which is somewhat thinner than 22. Hmm…

The cabinets are 022 gauge steel Greg Arrow Shed

Steel cabinets are not just for the garage, They are also great for a basement or storage shed.

Greg- Arrow Shed

I agree with a few other posters about the weight limits, and the prices are very high for something this limiting.

My concern is this: Why are they on sale? Why are they being liquidated? I’m wary of spending this much money on something and then finding out that they just aren’t really all that durable. I can go to Costco or Sam’s Club and see the garage organizers they have there are solid as a rock. Granted, they are more money, but still below the original" price of these cabinets. I want a deal and I NEED cabinets for my garage, but too many times in the past have I had regrets for my impulses. I need to be convinced. And I don’t mean to knock the product, I’m just not convinced.

I would be annoyed with having to weigh stuff being putting it on the shelf. I have shelves in the basement that don’t care what I put on them.

This is Greg from Arrow, I lifted these reviews from the net

from Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

I love the product and submitted a positive review on the lower cabinets. I failed to mention my one pet peeve. There was no option to request that the locks be keyed the same. I ordered seven cabinets, and each came with two keys, now I have 14. That does not meet my expectations of the professional level of these cabinets - I paid more for the metal cabinets than the pressed wood and thought at that price level something as simple as coordinating the locks was a given.

5 / 5
Good Garage Cabinents
April 30, 2013
from San Tan Valley, AZ, USA

Easy to assemble. The fit and finish is very good. Overall quality good. Bought 4. Shipped and arrived within a reasonable time. Happy with purchase.

4 / 5
nice garage cabinet
May 21, 2013
from New Hampshire, USA

User submitted photo
I purchased this cabinet due to the combination of the top drawer and space underneath and it is perfect for what I need. I put rubber shelf liner in the top drawer and keep frequently used tools and a few odd tools that fit best in a drawer. The bottom section includes a shelf you can install but I left it out and keep larger items behind the cabinet doors. Once put together the fit and finish is good and the drawer and doors work as they should. This is a great cabinet for small garages and when you’re tight on space.

5 / 5
“Awesome Cabinets”
April 19, 2012
from South Hadley, MA, USA

User submitted photo
User submitted photo
I purchased 3 base cabinets and 4 wall cabinets along with the Arrow locker. I took a chance buying these without being able to see them but after looking at the Husky cabinets I was very dissapointed that the doors opened past the sides so the cabinets could not be bolted on the wall together. Then I saw the bolts sticking up for the castors inside the cabinet!! overall very cheap!!
These cabinets took about a half hour apiece to put together ( alot of screws) and the fit and finish was very nice and solid. No need to square up the doors here just put it together and hang them up.
Everyone that comes into my garage says the same thing “Awesome Cabinets”
Do youself a favor,dont try to cut corners and save a couple bucks and try these they will definatelly last for many years to come and i could not be happier
I am already saving up my money to buy several more for the other half of my garage

4 / 5
Fantastic storage solution
December 5, 2012
from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

After reading reviews of other products, I decided the metal design was better than the pressed wood I found on models in the store. The cabinets arrived at my door as promised, packaged very well with out issue. I ordered five lower units with wheels and two upper wall mount units. I was a little taken back with the amount of time it took to assemble all the pieces, but when completed (3 days) I was very impressed. The assembly instructions are spot on except the drawer assemble - they failed to mention there is a lever to push to separate the arm - but after you figure out the first one - everything is a breeze from there.The engineering promises for a long lasting product. I would recommend this product. Made in China.

4 / 5
Good Cabinet
April 30, 2013
from San Tan Valley, AZ, USA

Bought this with 4 upper cabinets. Missing handles on this product otherwise my rating would be excellent. Called Spacemaker on the instruction pamphlet. Received a actual person, very polite. Received the handles by mail - no hassles. Cabinet is sturdy. Would buy again.

Ordered 4 of the base cabinets. I was very impressed with the quality of these units as they were higher quality and better built than any similar product I could find in stores. Very sturdy and drawer and doors were square to the cabinet. One arrived with a damaged side panel which was replaced quickly. Great product and very good service.
Reviewed by: Tom Lewis from Kansas. on 10/5/2012

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