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What kind of skill level is required to assemble this thing, and approximately how long can one expect the job to take?

Sorry Woot. We can’t have outdoor sheds in our subdivision.

Any idea what sort of load these can take? will snow be a problem if left on top of them? Is Woot/Arrow going to give out discounts on floor kits again?

I was wondering about the floor kits as well.

These things suck. There’s a frame kit to square up the frame and an anchor kit which these should come with but don’t. So the frame won’t quite square up and these things can blow away if you don’t anchor them. The instructions are crap and some of the holes don’t line up. Don’t buy this crap. I work on cars on the regular so I’m no stranger to putting together complex things. There’s a better product out there, find it!

I like how the picture for the 8x9 is the same as the 8x5, just mirrored.

I just built my 8x10 Arrow shed last weekend,

I got it from Woot

It was tractor trailer shipped pretty quickly

I built a pressure treated 8x10 deck with 3/4 plywood for a base
-directions said I should have gone a couple inches bigger all around, but it was fine

It squared up easily,
everything went together very well,
and overall I am very pleased,
especially for the price.

Bad parts,
I did have to drill a few holes that were missed when they made it.
maybe 6 total, out of the hundreds of predrilled holes were missed.
not the end of the world.

The deck or slab you build has to be FLAT
mine had a slight bow in it, and the triangular pieces that connect the angle of the roof to the flat of the main “box” section do not sit flat.
Not huge, and my error,
but its noticeable.

I allowed 2 days to leisurely build,
built the main “box” Saturday,
and the roof & supports Sunday,
I didn’t have an assistant till I placed the roof panels, even then it would have been ok without help.

The roof leaked from atleast one of the seams.
There are A LOT of roof joints & perforations.
A Lot.
I don’t know which one leaked, but it was a good leak.
I caulked the whole roof yesterday,
I should have caulked it as it was assembled,
but hopefully that takes care of it.

the individual parts are mostly very thin & don’t seem very strong,
but the design itself, and the hundreds of fasteners that tie it all together make it much more sturdy than it would seem it should be.
I’m not worried about snow load on the small roof.

I really like it,
especially compared to anything else you could get for around $300.

Out HOA doesn’t allow metal sheds-can you put up a resin or wood shed-I do need a shed 4X8

I have a Arrow Newport 10x8.
We did ‘ground work’ before we installed the shed. We dug about a 1 inch deep pit. (make sure your square with surrounding buildings) and then filled it with sand for drainage. 2 of us put it up, but it was windy (never ever put up a shed like this in any kind of wind).
When I was finished I added some anchors
and the shed still stands almost 10 years later. No leaks.

Just have to note that the description of the Monty Hall problem is all wrong. Pick any door from the three on offer. Once the host (Monty Hall) opens a non-winning door, switch to the door he didn’t open. If you do that you double your chances of winning the prize.

You asked for it you got Floor Kit for all Sentry Sheds $60

Use coupon code wootfk

We will try to match order for floor kit with shed. IF we can not then you will get 2 shipments

Snow load is a very conservative 10 LBS per square foot

If you are out of square or out of level, you are going to have a big problem with the installation. The #1 rule when installing these sheds is to be square and level

If you can follow directions and take your time, you should be fine. These sentry shed have parts that snap together to decrease build time. Plus Arrow Customer Service is available at 800-851-1085 opt 1 to answer any questions you have when installing your shed

There always seem to be some of these metal sheds in the free area of Craigslist.

This is true. I bought one with the floor frame and its the flimsiest structure I have ever dealt with. Its not rigid when finished and the door absolutely sucks. Don’t think about putting it anywhere other than on a concrete base.

As for assembly, wasn’t too bad.

I wish my shed looked that clean!